Stock ball fit on Sanwa JLF?

Will the stock white ball on the SE Madcatz stick fit on a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT joystick? Thanks.

just buy a stick with a white balltop… :smiley:
but I think It does fit…(not 100% sure)

It fits. I used it :smiley:

thanks guys. can i get another confirmation?

it does not!

jk, seems like all parts fit in jlf, you can even use the pcb from SE

Hehe, do you really need another confirmation? Well I can’t 100% prove it, but here’s my custom stick:

Full Sanwa except the balltop, but my Dark Hai Balltop feels the same. I’d say the only difference is weight, but I can’t clearly distinguish them by weight consistantly.

people already told you they fit… if you need yet another confirmation… yes they fit


This is what I see when someone posts like this. :china:

I can confirm as well, the madcatz SE is nothing but a JLF knockoff so everything fits

Even the Hori balltops fit the JLF…

will the button inserts fit?.. i’d like to swap the insert/plunger/button out too

I don’t believe so… the buttons are pretty different. Also really horrible cheap plastic.