Stock HRAP 3 joystick does not respond



I’ve modded my HRAP 3 and have been enjoying it for the past year. I’ve swapped out the stock buttons for Sanwa parts but I’ve left the joystick alone. Today, the joystick stopped working after I brought it back from a friend’s house where I was using it. I checked the wiring to make sure nothing was loose and everything looks fine to me. What could have happened?


Pics of the inside, etc.

Also, have you done any testing (isolation, mutimeter testing, etc.)?

I mean, how can we know unless you supply us some info?


I used a multimeter once and I don’t remember how to use one >_>
The multimeter I’m using has these settings: ohm, V DC, V AC, A DC, and A AC.

Also, what do you mean by isolation?

I’ve attached pictures I took of the wiring pertaining to the joystick

The solder joints for the wires from the joystick

The bottom row of wires belongs to the joystick


See the selector switch in that image, move it back to D.


Oh man, are you serious? I feel like one of those old people who can’t figure out why their computer won’t turn on when it isn’t plugged it! It works fine. Thanks a bunch, d3v