Stock Laptop for SF4 AE


I was wondering what would be a better than average STOCK laptop to have to play SF4 AE, since it’s coming to PC in 2 days. Also, it would need TE stick support since I know that PS3 TE’s have an issue with some chipsets. I’m not looking for a high end model, which costs a bundle, but must meet the game’s minimum requirements and keep a stable 60 FPS. Thanks!


I have this baby (ASUS N53SV-XV1) and it run it at 720p at 60 FPS…


Does it really have to be a laptop? You can build a desktop that can run AE twice over for the same price as the laptop you’ll buy to run it at medium settings.


My guess is that he wants it for a portable setup…


This machine is more than enough at a reasonable price.