Stockton, CA gamer at Evo?


I was at work today and we started talking about fighting games when someone brought up EVO. During the conversation, one of the guys mentioned that a player from Stockton was there this year and placed within the Top 25. I don’t know the truth here and was hoping that someone could clarify this for me.


We have a lot of strong players that come to the stockton scene. Xsk Samurai, Cynistar, Mine, Snake, Ray, M.A.D. , Illiterate and a ton more that make our scene strong.


I don’t know everyone in PNorth but XsK_Samurai from Fresno placed in the 25th in Ssf4AE, Hi Im Nasty from Sac area was 17th in Marvel, Negus Eyoel from Fresno took 7th in skullgirls, That’s without naming bigger names like the FGTV guys and others in Ca area


Yeah I don’t know what the guy’s name was but they said he was from Stockton and placed like top 10 or 25