Stockton cvs2 tournament

Stockton cvs2 tournament will be held at the Whimeys’ arcade, inside the Sherwood mall.

Address: 5308 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95207

March 23

Entry fee: 5 dollars, Pay for your own match too.
single elimination.

grand finals match best 2/3

Cash pot: 60/30/10

Sign ups start at 4:00pm and will end at 5:00pm. People who are from out of town, check in at the front desk to be accounted for.

Hopefully a lot of people from past tourneys that Stockton has went to will show up and give some love.

Goodluck to all.

Sticky if you can plz.

you should make it sat instead but oh well

hey starkilled, i think if you want this stickied… you should add the date on the ‘topic’ too

O sweet! Good shit Starkilled how the heck did you pull this off? anyways Good Job COMP!!! man if there was only a 3s CAB!

sticky this mod?

Updated, this is the final notice out of all the decisions.

Sticky this MOD??? ANYONE??!!

So it’s on Friday for certain? alright, then i’ll be bringin’ the russian hurt

Stockton getz no luv… no sticky yet!!!

awesome, it got stickied! alrite! ima turtle my ass off, if i enter. one question, wen was the last stockton tourney?

there better be 3s next time

Woot sweet… i hope there is a 3s next time!:wgrin: and i might enter this CvS2 too…:annoy:

Damn, why all of a sudden a date change? Sat. was just fine and whats with single elimination if you are stressed about time start it earlier or just make the loser’s bracket best of one. The thread is stickied now. Quite frankly IMO I think it would be better off without the attention (at least until Whimsy gets it’s act together) you can’t run the tournament like that, just looks bad.

damn this thread got stickied (sigh) i guess alot of people is going to be disappointed than bad sticks, bad buttons, no stools, and whimzy mascott DISCO STU

who ever said I was stressed about the time? The only thing that stresses me is people giving me different opinions when my mind is already set. One thing leads to another…
Next time, you can be in charge of times and dates, and brackets. It would be a big help, since you have enough experience.

Whimeys will never get anything together cuz they don’t have anyone getting on their asses. I realized the guy in charge isn’t bad, he’s just ignorant as to the needs the the games itself.

Give me some ideas for buttons and I will ask them about it and pressure them to make switches.

Btw, I hope Disco Stu really looks at himself one day in the mirror and realizes he’s a blatant homosexual thus changing his ways begging for forgiveness and running into a speeding car.

This was stickied because john choi was kind enough to ‘sticky’ it to us… anyways… buttons sticks… damn if i was in stockton i’d def donate some… i got 2 spare ultimate happ stick and 6 unused happ buttons… but anyways… why dont all of you get together, pitch in a few bux… buy some from ponyboi (for cheap) and give it to whimsy… anyways… good luck on everyone… this is a start…

snake: well that’s the only option… modesto made their tourney ‘outside’ and people still showed up… why not whimsy? like starkilled said… baby step… dont expect evo caliber tourney u know what i mean? this is better than nothing…

don’t you guys have a marvel cabinet?

Yeah, we do, but it needs a lot of work on it.

Good game guys here’s the standings…

16 Participants

  1. KT (A-Vega/Bison/Blanka2)
  2. Blackheart (A-Vega, Cammy, Bison2)
  3. Hung (A-Vega, Blanka, Bison2)
  4. DiscoSnake (C-Cammy, Chun, Sagat2)
  5. Monsta, Lee
  6. FNT, Fazzle
  7. StarKilled, IdiocyLong, DJcream, Teppu
  8. Carlos, Rick (DQ’d), JR, Josh

Detailed breakdown:
Opening Round (1-game only, winners = bold)
Blackheart v. Carlos
Starkilled v. FNT
Hung v. Rick
Teppu v. IdiocyLong (really good match since the both of them were less than 16-years old)
Monsta v. DJcream
DiscoSnake v. JR
Josh v. Fazzle
Lee v. KT

Loser’s Bracket 1 (1-game only)
Carlos v. Starkilled
Rick v. IdiocyLong
DJcream v. J.R.
Josh v. Lee

Winners Quarter-Finals (Best 2/3)
Blackheart v. FNT
Hung v. Teppu
Monsta v. DiscoSnake (aka Fallen Angel)
Fazzle v. K.T (aka K.T. Styles)

Loser’s 2nd round
Starkilled v. Fazzle
IdiocyLong v. Monsta
DJcream v. FNT (Zangief almost caused an upset)
Lee v. Teppu

Loser’s 3rd round
FNT v. Lee
Monsta v. Fazzle

Winner’s Semi-Finals
Blackheart v. Hung (how can this guy miss a lot of A-groove combos and still win?)
DiscoSnake (aka Christian Cage) v. K.T (aka KurT Angle)

Loser’s Quarter-Finals
Monsta v. Hung
Lee v. DiscoSnake (aka Chuck Norris, Texas Ranger)

Loser’s Semi-Finals
Hung v. DiscoSnake (Interesting mirror match here, showing that Hung is pretty good with Sagat, but Snake’s Chun got some crazy combos)

Winner’s Finals
KT (2-0) v. Blackheart

Loser’s Finals
Hung v. Blackheart

Grand Finals
Blackheart v. KT (2-0)

Congrats to all the winners and major props to all of the people from Modesto that represented. FNT, I want a rematch my friend.

blackheart got 2nd? wow what a jokes my nigger chris should of got 1st or 2nd dawg. CROCK … snake lost to BH omg! hahaha. oh well you guys had a first cvs2 congrat… where is the mvc2 tournies at?