Stockton tourney 5/19/07 3S, MvC2, CvS2

Stockton cvs2,3s and mvc2 tournament will be held at the Whimeys’ arcade, inside the Sherwood mall.

Address: 5308 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95207

date: may 19 2007

Entry fee: 5 dollars each game you enter, Pay for your own match too. 25 cents.
Double elimination.

grand finals match best 3/\5

Cash pot: 70/20/10

Sign ups start at 12:00 and will end at 1:00pm. People who are from out of town, check in at the front desk to be accounted for.

Goodluck to all.

Sticky if you can plz.

ok where the hell is marvel man
and 3s aint ready for tourney play, fix that tinting and then its all good

dude, color doesn’t break the game (unless you’re twelve). As long as the sticks are fine then it’s playable.

As for MvC2, you really think we can fit 20 people in that small space and see that small screen? Until we can flush that cabinet to the end of that row then it’ll good to go.

then do so fool
and colour does mater

oh and the game is acting extremly wierd
I forgot to tell u that when I picked Yang SA2 it said Magnetic storm(Necro SA1) on it. But when I played it was the original super

i think it’s 3s… asia version… not US or JAP… did anyone test it to see if it has unblockable?

Wow cool a 3s toureny! Good shit starkilled! and whoever help did this. cant wait to see the turn out hopefully it a big one.

Well we’re goin’ to need either Knice or IdiocyLong (unless Snake can also do it) to try that mess.

That does sound like some weird ass shit, Ty. I personally believe that we should test shit out runnin’ a tourney. BTW, this is just stuff I heard from a good friend (who snagged that 3S from the Naughty Nicks auction) that the US version of 3S can be pretty shitty from a technical standpoint. I’m no technician so don’t quote that shit from me.

aint gonna be a big tournout… esp for 3s right now… not yet anyways…

Thats normal for alot of 3s machines. I think that makes it asia version or something, but I’m not sure.

I’m starting to like 3s a lil bit more each day.

3s going to be canceled, making this one just another cvs2 tourney

fuck that 3s/cvs2 shat, have marvel.

i think they would but…

1: the cab sucks…
2: the stick sucks…

fix it. if not, run it anyways.

Thats the truth man
Thnx Korn for talking some sense into theses cats
they always hate on Marvel
thats why no 1 frm other citys are gonna show up for this shit

Ok then, Switching 3s to marvel, . so it’s cvs2, and marvel tourney.

why not just throw all 3 games? i mean… just have 2 other people run it… plus more games = more people = more revenue…

anyways… my predictions:

4.Blackheart or snake

3s (if there’s 3s)

  1. Snake
  2. impact or turtlehugo (if he plays anymore)
  3. idiocy or knice


  1. anyone on unfucked side (stick/buttons)

Ya I don’t see why you guys can’t do all 3, look if you need someone to run 3s I’m pretty sure (if he can come) Mystic_Bash can run 3s.

Don’t see why you guys think it’s such a big problem to hold up 3 tournaments at your arcade.

Besides the more games that get run the more peeps that shall come.

check this out homies, i can run 2 games at once. marvel, 3s, whatever. i’m a pimp.

Ty, np homie. when you get to know me dawg, i bring mad life and party to the marvel scene. =] like my folks crizzle and chunk said “korngo is the king of the super duper hyphy marvel”


yo star man where the flyers at
u cant expect ppl to show without knowing theres a tourney