Stocktown Showdown SSFIV 02/27/11 Stockton Ca

Where: Gamers Etc 6521 Pacific Ave, Stockton Ca 95207
Contact #: 209-474-9690
When: Feb 27 2011
What: Singles SSFIV Tournament

Gamers Etc will be throwing a SSFIV tournament Feb 27th to get the 209 area some great hype. There will be at least 4 dedicated xb360 setups currently on Dells but we are looking into getting Asus Evo monitors.

Enrollment will start from now until 12pm the day of the tournament. The entry fee is $10 and the pot will be split 60/40. You will need to bring your own sticks and controllers. There may be a few donated to the tournament for use if you do not have one (THIS IS NOT A GAURANTEE SO BRING YOUR OWN IF YOU CAN!) We of the Norcal Downtown Throwdown are helping get the word out and fully endorse the tournament. I have personally gone down and looked at the venue. Its fairly large and has air! There is a large parking lot next to the venue.

If there are any questions or concerns please contact gamersect at the above provided phone number or email @ Or you can send me a message and we will be more than happy to help. We want a large tournament so we can consistently throw more of them or even possibly collaborate as one large event!

Oh shit! Don’t get shot now!! Just kidding. Hope we aren’t playing on their setup.

I have nothing to do with the tournament other than advertisement. I told them how we run ours and that i would let them use our crt t,v’s. I posted the t.v’s they might b using so you all would know that they might b using them. I did tell them about the evo monitors and they said they had some t.v’s they had to replace so they were gunna look into getting evo monitors.

any chance yall would add marvel 3? shit just have it replace super 4! aha jk

Well they are coming to the LODI NORCAL DOWNTOWN THROWDOWN to see how we do it. So I have been talking to them and I dont see why they couldnt do both given they have the space. The only problem would be the t.v situation but again I offered to help them with setups and maybe even partner with them to combine my dedicated people with a bigger better venue. So … lets just see what happens because in order for LNDT success we need to get a bigger place.

yo is this still going down? also i will not enter if tvs lag

and whats good with mvc3?

Yeah moe still is and they took my advice and are using crt’s so no lag. lol they are borrowing one of my t.v’s they want to do it right. I told them about not pairing up players from the same area and they are using tio tournament organizer. I dont think they are charging a venue fee so more prize money for everyone… hmm o yeah i wont be there because I have a 50th wedding anniversary to go to. But you better come to the next Throwdown. After that we are spending like 500 dollars to rent a hall. ><

Hey, speaking of renting a hall for 500 dollars, I have an interesting Idea brewing in my head that gets all the communites around Stockton and Lodi involved. I need more help to make this come together. PM if you’re interested.

Great tournament guys. Thanks for having me!

^ lol if this were facebook…i’d like this status

results yo?

The results for the tournament were Leo first with $114, Hitman second with $76, and K Nice third with $25 gift card. I wasnt there and dont have all the details but i do know they have a facebook and will be throwing a marvel tournament April 3rd. Ill be posting that soon and if you want more details visit the facebook page. If i find it ill link it =).

Congrats Leo! :wink:

If you guys liked the one in stockton im throwing the lodi nor cal downtown throwdown on march 20th its posted on the forum! =)

Will be out there

I’ll definitely be there since I don’t have school that week.

Great im glad I hope 2 see you there.

Link to the MvC3 tournament here:

And we would like to thank the Norcal Downtown Throwdown for their help with our last tournament!