@%&*! Stole My Art - SFIV

This is the 2nd time I’ve been on Ebay and found someone selling my work with no credit given!!


Some people may recognise other peoples work, mines number 7 - http://f-1.deviantart.com/art/Chun-Li-Street-Fighter-4-69221393

Plus he placed the buttons right on top of the logo. Looks weird.

Yeh I know, its a desktop wallpaper not stick art. Looks terrible!

You need to contact ebay asap, they can help you.

Yeah, contact Ebay. Get his shit pulled off.

watch the thread titles man.

but good looking out for anyone this applies to.Sucks to have worked on something for free and have someone else make a buck on it.

sorry about that

Yeah, that’s way too BS. I used to work for eBay and they have a little process they go through to deal with shit like this. It might take a little time but they will absolutely deal with it for you.

:bluu: I wouldn’t be surprised if the seller was a member of SRK. With only 8 sales on eBay, it could be possible that he’s some new member that’s trying to make a quick buck from the SFIV hype… dood!


I stole it from you too.

Your art is great, but that is an ugly ass stick. Shit is shaped like home-plate at a baseball game. You could serve sushi on it and play SF at the same time.

damn thats messed up man!

i hope you get some $$$ for it in the end if anything

its an obvious comment - buy why not watermark your work? Believe me, I hate it when I see watermakrs - especially on good looking art - but hey, it’ll keep punks like that guy on ebay from using your work

a stick like that would be pretty badass

whats funny is that the guy stole something that doesnt work at all for stick art :rofl:

I wouldn’t profit from that piece because it uses Capcom/Udon assets. Any money would have to go to them, I’m just happy Capcom have acknowledged some of my work.

Well I’d appreciate it if people keep an eye for the guy if thats the case. Apparently the boards ship from south korea, I don’t know if he is south korean but his response to my email was…

“I will complaint you to ebay”


It was credited but the guy cropped it off hense only half of chun li is printed, I’m going to put a larger water mark on all my pieces. I’ll wait for ebay’s response first incase uploading new ones changes the date stamps on Deviant.

is the sketch of chun-li on your wallpaper yours? just asking.

^^Good point.

the sketch isn’t his because i’m pretty sure i’ve seen it on deviantart (under UDON’s account).

furious, all of your stuff is awesome, though. :tup:

so you DREW that picture or just put it together in photoshop? if just photoshop then its not really “your art”. not sure if you can do anything about it either way.

why so serious? its not like he is selling just the picture. maybe he doesnt even know who drew the source pic. to him its just another pic he found on google. ignoring your complain is a douchbaggy move though. things like that can get his ebay account canceled.

So no, I just photoshopped it (to be honest its not my favourite piece of work).

Is that why he picked the image because it had chun li on it, there a 100s of 1000s of pics he could of chose, but he chose to use work all from the same source. All these pieces are from 360style.net I’ve helped Chris from day 1 getting his site recognized as the best source for videogame wallpapers, both Microsoft Capcom to name a few have recognized this. The guy cropped all the images to remove our signitures and 360style.net’s logo.

I’m complaining because I put alot of effort into it, even if its Udon’s assets I’ve always acknowledged the source. But if some comes along and starts making money off me then thats lame, I wouldn’t call that being douchbaggy. It’s simple all he had to do was ask permission (like a few other people have done in the past) and I would have said absolutely yes go for it. Instead when I ask him why he didnt ask permission first, I get the response that he will file a complaint against me, thats what I would call being douchbaggy!