Stolen iphone at the Dojo

So my homie B got his iphone stolen at the Dojo. That shit is not cool at all especially with 4 people there during the time. Somebody come clean with that shit or shut it down. How the fuck are you going to steal at a place like the Dojo. Sorry I can’t deal with a place like that. This needs to get resolved. Word is the same person responsible for the shit at Zack’s is at fault here also.

The fuck is going on?

Do not give people the temptation; no matter where you are.

I know if I lost something there, I wouldn’t ask my homie to post up about it, I would post up about it.

Last time I went to the dojo was April 2nd, there was a group of 3 people, I asked them if they posted on TZ or SRK and they didn’t give me a handle, but they were getting scraped at Tekken. I’m not implying those individuals of anything but that’s how easy it is to get into the dojo.

If this comes down to people bringing guns to play games, I’m not going to participate.

Gieft’s comment is retarded. Period.

I’m less inclined to believe you are a reasonable person when your first choice of response is a defensive mechanism. You can joke about stealing people’s stuff all day though, its harmless.

In all seriousness, let’s get the dude his phone back. Really?

everyone STFU with all the hate goddamnit thats not the point of this thread. If someone knows shit about B’s phone getting jacked, whether its suspicious people (people eyeing it and shit) or just anything post up. otherwise dont say shit.

I have a feeling the only reason this thread is still open is because zach is asleep.

Stolen stuff sucks, lets work on getting it back to the owner.

and it was asian B with the akuma spasms phone right???

ya B plays akuma and everyone chill out.

Wow that shit is whack just give dog back his phone.

Pretty weak, guys.

I just wanted to post in this thread before it was closed. Everyone should take a Super Joe pic before they die, kk & Josh did a great job at the con last week.

Stealing really breaks up the community as seen before with Zach’s and breeds suspicion, which breeds segregation.

Whoever did this should just give this nigga back his phone and be done with it.

There’s some immature ass shit in this thread. Gieft’s been given a month long vacation from SRK. I expect people to show a little respect. And just PM ME IF THERE ARE ISSUES/trolls.

Thread cleaned. If I were the person who was stolen from here and people derailed my thread, I’d be pretty goddamned livid.

Poor B, he barely comes out to sessions and the time he does he has his stuff stolen?! The part that is even worse is that the person who stole it probably doesn’t even post on SRK. *sigh :wtf:

For the sake of getting some actual info out there. What day/time was the phone stolen? Who all was there when it happened? Who is B? Any little bit of info helps. Hope the issue gets solved soon. Stealing is gross.

So Gief’s iPhone wasn’t stolen? I’m confused, who is “B”?

I’m agree with what Jimmy said ^ who was there at the time this rubbish went down?

If this was last Thursday night/Friday morning after the tournament, I was there until around 5AM. I think the North guys (Dugg, Elias, Frank), and the South guys (Kriangkrai, Ghrrk, DustyBlastoise) left around that time too. I believe VagrantLest, B, and Cole’s friend ended up staying the night at the Dojo. So if B lost his phone after the FT10 that Frank and I did, all the names I wrote were the people still there.

Yeah, Frank Dugg & I left last. It was just Matt, B, and random black guy that I don’t know. Is this the same Cole’s friend that ended up with a Zune at Zach’s house? That was the only out of place individual at the event that night, to be honest. I didn’t know who he was and he seemed uncomfortable - weird vibes.

Yeah I REALLY don’t like assuming but he has a past for it and you guys are saying he did the same shit at preppys? Wowwww, he’s never coming back period. If I invite my friends over that’s the least thing I want them to worry about is there belongings. I should of ended this last week, this problem will be solved before Sunday. Now everyone hush, shit happens that I nor anyone at the dojo cannot control. Seriously, I apologize to B cause he really doesn’t come out much and this makes it twice as bad for him never to come out to casuals instead of a safer spot like GW. Not a thread I wanna see in the early AM but it has made it clear that people aren’t to happy with this.