Stolen Sticks?

Anyone got their stick stolen? I know Chris Matrix got his MAS stick stolen and that shit is messed up so whoever has it give it back to chris matrix

You can’t expect an enormous event like this to go down without a few things being stolen, especially with a bunch of valuable sticks just lying around.

Tournament survival guide said it: Never let anything important out of your sight, ever.

It’d be nice if they could be returned, but chances are no.

I heard Daigo had his stick stolen by someone.

I heard that also, shit’s messed up, I know he had a SF4 TE stick then in the end using a super TE stick, so fucking bad man, no respect.

Yea. I heard that too. Too bad though.

That does suck indeed. How does something like that even happen? Unless the guy leaves it laying around or forgets it somewhere I don’t see someone just running up and snatching it like a purse or sneaking away with it.

I think with Daigo’s stick someone took it out of his bag or something. At least that’s what I heard. That seems pretty plausible seeing as how his SSIV match was the first.

Well think about it, it’s a gaming tournament. All someone would have to do is spot a stick lying on a table with the owner talking to somebody, they pick it up and walk off with it under their arm like it’s theirs. Unfortunately it’s just far too easy for crooks at something like EVO :frowning: