Stomp question / unblockable question

So, i’ve been told that the stomp is unparryable… yet, i’ve parried it…

is there any way to get out of the unblockable when they don’t do the double jump version? the supposed, inescapable version? is it really inescapable?

If you’re talking about the jump-in chicken, it’s very difficult to parry because of how deceptive its startup is. It’s very much the same as Makoto’s axe kick in that regard. Nobody said it’s unparryable, but you’re far better off blocking it.

The best Yagyou unblockables are almost impossible to escape, but they are escapable. They’re way harder to get out of than even Urien’s best setups.

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yeah, the chicken thing… i can parry it… but somebody at evo told me it can’t be parried…

now what about getting out of the unblockable setup?

Parry down once, then mash towards Oro and pray.

haha, alright. i’ll give it a try next time i’m put in that predicament.

Thanks jinrai!

also… is that burger that oro is going for… is that the fatburger from evolution?

Damn straight it is.

Are u the same Jinrai that does the youtube oro vids? If so, how are you make the chicken to SAII unblockable? is it double jump crossover MK, to the other side then start chicken combo again. and when you use SAIII, only the EX SAIII can be juggled correct?

Yes and yes.

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The chicken combo can be mixed up, if the mk crossup is done slightly over the opponent it has to be parried left and right. I’m not sure which comes first though, you’re going to have to go into training and figure that out on your own. What Jinrai said only works if you do the crossup higher in the air, so if you can tell that you’ve already woken up but Oro isn’t directly on top of you, that’s when you want to do the down parry. Even if you don’t parry out entirely and take damage, it will mess up the juggle for Oro and he won’t be able to get you in a second loop.

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