Stoney Creek March 2005 thread

Hahahaha beat you to it Jamie.

Oh dear god no…

I just hope you know I was joking when I said that. :looney:

Close thread. Please before someone says “What’s a Stoney Creek?”

oh cool, a stoney creek thread.

What’s a Stony Creek?

Well, had to know that was coming. Suppose could at least use this thread to ask what everyone is up to tonight at least.

going to create a Markham-Stoufville thread

let this shit-talking begin

let’s have a Hamilton vs. Stoney Creek 5 on 5…any SF game


jamie…don’t get too excited now :lol:

I don’t think either side has 5 players

So stoney creek wins by default

2 greatest words in the english dictionary! default! default!

So if there’s a default, the team with the crappier players get the win? :rolleyes: :lol: :sweat:

No the team with the least amount of cockboys wins :looney::arazz:

I don’t think either side has 5 people.

How about we do this. Rey and I repping Hamilton will take on the rest of Stony Creek in CvS2 and MvC2. It’s a 5 on 2 so Rey and I need to combine for 13 wins and you guys need to combine for 4 wins. Any takers?

The thing you fail to realize is there is only 2 player in stoney creek

it’s 2006

See this is why I don’t make the Hamilton threads

Darko and Darko vs Rey and Justin… shit i bet on Darko in Marvel he’s too much of a beast!


Wow, started off as a joke thread, now Stoney Creek almost has more posts than the Hamilton thread…:looney:

EDIT: Before I forget again…What’s a Stoufville? I think I’d ask if they even have electricity before asking if they have an arcade. :lol: