Stony Brook, Long Island SSF4 & Melee Tournament

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There will be a Super Street Fighter 4 and Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament in Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, Long Island.

Student Activities Center (SAC) Room 303
1 Circle Rd., Stony Brook, NY

Time: 8:30 P.M. 12/7

Fee: $5 buy-in entry fee for SSF4. $5 buy-in entry fee for Melee. No venue fee.

Super Street Fighter 4 [1v1]
It will be on PS3
This will be double elimination, 2/3 pools. 3/5 finals.
Character lock. Colors 11 and 12 banned. Evo rules.

**Melee [1v1] **(possible 2v2 depending on how many people show up)
MBR Official Rule Set - Smash World Forums

[By Train]
Take the LIRR Port Jefforson line to Stony Brook.
When you get off you will be at the univeristy railroad parking lot.
From there you could take a free bus that will take you to the SAC.

If you get lost I can be reached at 914-346-0339.

Pot for each respective tournament will be split 50/50 half will go to charity the other half will be split amongst the top three contenders.
1st place gets 50% of proceeds
2nd place gets 30% of proceeds
3rd place gets 20% of proceeds

** If you can help bring set ups such as a PS3, copy of the game or tv, you can enter for free **

“Charity” as in your pocket?

This sounds promising. $5 buy in? Let’s see more of these!

No, dude this a fraternity fund raising event. If I wanted to keep the money like most tournament organizers do anyway I wouldn’t have a problem in saying that.

Then you should say that. Because a fraternity is not a “charity”. Jerry’s Kids… is a “charity”.

Also instead of taking 50% of the pot that people worked hard for you should just instill a venue fee instead. That’s not right for the players who are trying to win, and with a $5 entry, there is pretty much no incentive for anyone to come.

its aight, i got this won already

YO Private O can I get a ride?

The fraternity is not the charity. We are fund raising for a charity. And no, there is no need for a venue fee.


:confused: :looney: :confused: :looney:

So what “charity” are you raising money for?

Come to the event and find out. I’ll talk to you through everything, this isn’t a conspiracy man. Stop posting negative comments on here if you’re not gonna even bother comin’. This event isn’t even that serious. Go be self righteous on your own thread please. :confused:

EDIT: The Charity is the Judy Fund

It might be good form to announce the charity. I think it’s a pretty reasonable request to fulfill before people try to trek out/contribute/advertise.


Why not make it 70/20/10

Why not make it 70/20/10

Yeah Id like to know what charity this is for before I consider coming out.

I’m very iffy about going to a tournament where the charity the money is going to isnt listed and when asked the promoter doesn’t tell the name.

The charity is the Judy Fund.

MY bad…didn’t go on srk for a while. And honestly…when people go on threads trolling & accusing people about pocketing money I don’t see a reason to explain myself. If you’re located in Brooklyn, lets be honest “booty clapper” its not like you’re gonna come to this event anyway I don’t see why you have to be the self-righteous person to question aimlessly…

Sorry, the date stays for today…i wish it were convenient for everybody but we had to schedule this room with campus.

For the people that do decide to come :
here’s a map of stony brook. you want to to get to the SAC building. you can park in the sac parking lot for free after 4 pm

My roomate just got back The balrog player, wish I coulda came. Set up another one next semester Ill be there! FOR MOTHER RUSSIA

Thank you to all the people who came out, especially all the Brooklyn guys, shout out to them for coming such a long way and the Red Ranger’s sick blanka. We managed to raise a little over 50$ for the Judy Fund for Alzheimers Association. Melee was great but Street Fighter truly was a blast. I honestly didn’t expect that many people to show up so if we decide to do this sort of thing again I’ll keep you guys posted. Also, Around January i’m gonna try to host casuals for people to come out just to have fun so keep an eye out for that. It was a bit sloppy bit I had fun and hope you guys can come out again.

SSF4 Results:

  1. Red Ranger
  2. Nemes1S
  3. Steve
  4. Brian L.
  5. Kevin
  6. Gray Ranger
  7. Potatoes
  8. Matt F
  9. Andy
  10. Shadow Ranger
  11. Private_O_Malley
  12. 4EK(?)

Melee Results:
2.Dan Pette
3.Brian L

(note if anything is messed up please let me know and I’ll fix it, my handwriting is pretty bad)

It was a fun tournament shout outs to Nikko with his fantastic Seth

For melee
I know Dan Pette took 2nd, and Brian L took 3rd