Stony Brook University Main Campus (SUNY) Players?

I’m heading to Stony Brook this fall, and I was wondering if anybody else that attends or lives around the surrounding area plays as well? I know a lot of New Yorkers play, and the school is pretty much all New Yorkers so I figured I’d give it a shot. It would be one of the only saving graces for me attending this school, as I’m really not looking forward to it.

I graduated from SUNY Stony about 5 years back but there’s a group of gamers that still play. I think they congregate through a facebook group. Class has finished and not sure how many of them graduated.

I can’t seem to find the group, but I do think there are others still attending the school that are on here.

A few years ago the SB Union arcade (RIP) used to be the spot where all the fighting game ppl chill at but unfortunately (and fortunately for some of us crackheads lol) it go shut down. Your best bet now is to check out the anime club. Most of them plays fighters casually, but you’ll find 1 or 2 dedicated ones in there.

Michael Bamiro, a football player, plays Street Fighter sort of seriously. I went to school with him at Pitt last year but he transferred there. He should be down to play.

Hrm does this work?

As Corrado said, for the most part there’s a few guys that are pretty hardcore into the scene but it depends on what games you play too. Anime club is in the Union basement near the sinc site.

I recently graduated from SBU, and am currently living about 15 minutes away from campus. The only game I play seriously is MvC2, so it would be great if you play that game a lot too.

Let me know if you want to meet up and get some battles going.

I go to SUNY Stony Brook. There’s a group of SF4 players on campus. They’re usually in Tabler Quad or Roth Quad. You might run into some of the crew in the SB Union Basement (Animated Perspectives Club). If you’ve been on the SBU SF4 Facebook group, I’m Kevin. Hit me up if you wanna play SF4, 3S, MvC2, CvS2, and whatever.

maaaaaaannn I remember missing lab for one of my chem classes once because i was busy playing marvel and cvs in the arcade. Remember when those guy came down into the cade and threatened to arrest us when they found out we were getting free games?? LOL, those were the days

Sounds good, I’m assuming they play on consoles. Do you guys know what the setups are like? They have dedicated systems down there or what?

I play all of them, including MVC2, but I’m not that good. But I would definitely love to get in some matches with you, especially since I haven’t had competition since, ever.

Ah, damn. I’m all the way out in Mendelson or however you spell it, but the walk is definitely doable.

For the SF4 Group, is it safe to assume you guys are going to be using the 360 version? Which means I need to mod my stick.

And, anybody know how the train system works? Last time I checked there’s a train station at the very end of the campus or something like that? Do any of you guys venture down to CTF from time to time using this system? If yes, anybody know how?

For the record, the games I (like) to play go in this order:
and then the rest. Includes the alphas and such. If any of you guys are big Tekken players that would be cool as well, since Tekken is my main game, then CVS2 would be my big Capcom game.

Haha, I’m actually kind of looking forward to going to school now… for all the wrong reasons.

Haha, my main games is SF4, 3S, and trying to pick up BlazBlue. But, I’ll play whatever people wanna play (yeah… even Smash :|)

There’s a few Tekken heads here and there.

For SF4, the Animated Perspectives Club uses PS3 but the players living in Roth and Tabler Quad use 360. Go figure. Pretty sure the players would let you use their sticks if you asked.

Since you live in Mendelsohn Quad, the Union should be a 5 minute walk. I’ll probably be down there randomly since I’m commuting.

The train can take you to Penn Station. It’s about 2-2 1/2 hour ride if you wanna go to CF.

And the thing I don’t get is, the anime club is the animated perspectives club? Do the guys from Roth/Tabler ever play with the Anime club guys? And I haven’t really been to the Union, what is it like?

Ok, that’s cool. I can give you some good comp, and teach you some of the advanced stuff about the game. I play on Dreamcast, so if you have a joystick for that system then that would be great. If not, and if you prefer to play on joystick, then you could always plan to go when I invite my friend John (golba on srk) over and you could use his or mine, depending on who wins lol. Send me a private message with your number, so we can talk about meeting up.

The Animated Perspectives = anime club. The SF4 crew randomly goes to the Union. I think some of them might actually live in H Quad or Mendolsohn this year. The Union’s a little awkward, but everyone’s just there to kill time and chill out.

Ill just mod stick accordingly before I go up, so I can play on all three systems.

Sounds good, though I don’t think the corridor style rooms are good for get togethers.

Ok, sounds good. When are you available to play some Marvel? I just got a job, so I will be working the standard 9am-5pm. Sometimes I invite John over to get some games in on weeknights around 7 or so. Oh yeah, forgot to mention where I live. I am in Islandia, which is right off exit 58 of the LIE (long island expwy). If you drive , then it’s only a 15 minute trip. There is also a bus which takes about 30 minutes, and it leaves from the SBU Union.

I’m not exactly sure yet, I finalized my fall schedule, but there are assignments and other things that will get in the way and such. Probably on the weekends would be the best bet. I’m still in PA so it’s gonna be a while before I actually go up there, so I still have no idea what the future is gonna look like. I am very hype about playing you though, Marvel is one my favorites. And my desire to play only got greater after I went to FFA in L.A, and my ass kicked by the west coast FFA/L.A locals. Do you join in on the Long Island meet ups as well?

Weekends can work for me, but sometimes I go to PA on the weekend. That’s great that you want to get more into Marvel. Yeah man I go to the sessions at Syn’s place a lot.

Check out some recent matches of me vs my friend Mixah:

I organized them into playlists, so they are easier to see collectively. I will be uploading more matches in a couple of days.

I just graduated from SBU too, going for my masters soon. There isn’t much of a “Scene” from what I could tell around there… Most likely because there are no good Arcades in the area at all. The biggest Arcade in the area, Sports Plus just got turned into a Gym.

You’re going to have to make some friends in school to play with or head over to CF if you want to get your fix :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess for Marvel I’m set, no surprise since I am going to NY. Where are all the players at? SPEAK UP!