Stop cursing or else


Me, I guess I’m leaning in favor of it. I know that profanity is a bunch of words, but these days, you can’t seem to walk ten feet in public without hearing F-bombs dropped. Me? I’m an ex-sailor, so do the math. However, so-and-so next to me in the elevator with his/her/their little kids don’t really need to hear how much dick the slut can take in her ass and vag and the amount of blowjobs she gives before she even gets warmed up. Some will say,“My mouth, my buisness.” Indeed? All I ask is that you keep your buisness to yourself. This law is either gonna make people put the brakes on the b-words, or pull the nation out of debt before the end of 2013. Can’t wait to see which one…



Fucking fuck cursing, every body who fucking curses is a bad fucking person and should be fucking shot with fucking guns. Fuck man. All this goddam fucking bullshit profanity is seriously fucking pissing me off. Seriously people do fucking need to stop fucking swearing or else.


Hm, I didn’t know that Massachusetts was signed over as an official state for the Soviet Union.


I got a pretty foul mouth coming from a family of racist redneck Marines. I could see where this might be a good thing.


Well Ill be shitting BRICKs. Fuck Fuckin all dis fucking bullshit about a goddam law that stops motherfuckers from cursing. Fuckin seriously who gives a SHIITY rats ASS about fucking swearing. BITCH ASS FAGGOT ASS NIGGAZ NOWADAYZ I FUCKING SWEAR . Jeez


This is absolutely retarded.

Besides, everyone knows Bostonians have the nastiest mouths of all time.

What about music on the radio or television? Infinitely stupid


As someone who lived in Boston and still inhabits Massachusetts, I can back that up. Look at my posts here lol


Eets problee cuz’ yor a qweeah.


What is this? Private school?


Don’t you make fun of my confusion

and my accent

and my city

and my sports teams

I blame Obama


Words are just words with meanings attached by society. Why anyone gets their panties up in a wad over them I don’t understand. I think it’s how you use them and the tone of voice is what makes them bad. Is this law any kind of cussing? If it’s verbal abuse like screaming at the top of your lungs upsetting someone/making them feel threatened like “HEY YOU BITCH QUEER ASS FUCK OFF AND EAT MY SHIT111!1” I can understand but if just saying stuff like, “oh shit…” “aw fuck…” ect that’s rather lame and unnecessary.


How bout them Celtics?


That broad last night was wickid awesome! She vaccumed my tube like a hoova. Oh boy is she gonna get her taco stuffed tonight!

The future of this mass. town!


Johnlson Jeff would be proud.


Wheres that Anti-Cursing guy at?


Joke’s on you! I don’t even follow sports! I don’t even know what a Celtics iS@


We are heading into the world of Demolition Man.



Can we replace bad with stupid?


Isn’t it ironic how fucking MASSACHUSETTS violates the constitution.


While I agree that some people need to tone it down a bit in public, especially around kids, I don’t think making it LAW is the right way to go about it. What are people gonna do, start calling the police if someone is swearing? What about when the police show up, what are they really gonna do about all this?

Probably just something they wrote down to appease some angry parents, I doubt it’ll even be that big a deal.