Stop going into Rookie's battle lounges


For those of you who are like Super Silver and Platinum and shit and go into Rookie battle lounges that are labeled Beginners Welcome.You’re a loser and suck at life. What’s the point of being a high level player and going and beating up on people that are new to the game/genre? It’s so lame and I don’t understand what you’re learning or how you’re having fun. I can see a Bronze or maybe even an Ultra Bronze coming into a Rookie lounge but Gold, Platinum, and Silver?? You should be ashamed


It is kinda douchey, but it’s a good learning experience. Those platinum and gold players have way better fundamentals and tech than any rookie. But I can see why you would want to play against people who match your skill level.


It’s not even that. It’s that most rookies don’t even know what they should be learning from at this point. I’ve seen so many rookies say, “I don’t know what I’m looking for that I did wrong”. Those player should be able to play with people of similar skill level or slightly better until they start to “get it”. I’m probably a “good rookie” in that I understand some of the nuances of the game from reading and watching tourney’s. But I still don’t know a TON. I wanna play against other rookies who give me a challenge or a Bronze level player. I play against rookies that I body but I play against a lot that give me a run for my money. I don’t know man… its just annoying.


Instead just search for other rookies lounges. It probably takes a bit more time but still.

Yet again sometimes its fun beating on someone, as a silver I’ll join a bronze lobby and sometimes loose too. If anything it’s a good learning experience for me too trying to play around full screen random tatsu’s and DP’s! (not generalising rookie players just using an example of some matches I’ve had).

Sometimes random is the hardest thing to play against!

But also if I can join a bronze or rookie lobby and constantly exploit a serious weakness like constant jumps or no throw techs then in my eyes I’m also helping that person. Unless they are not concentrating on why I was hitting them so much.


TBH, I don’t even read the messages before clicking on a lobby. I may glance at the person’s rank, but that means nothing. I’ve seen unranked people blow me away, and I’ve seen golds shit bricks. I just click on one that looks like it has one or two players in it and I’ll get a match pretty quickly.

You shouldn’t worry so much. Long sets against even the best players end up showing you everything they have to throw at you. Thus you get a lot of matchup experience that way.


If you are a rookie isn’t it better to just play ranked? There is a huge part of the population who is bellow silver. You should get mostly fair games no?

The thing is you never know in battle lounge, some people just don’t play rank (or not a lot) but they are very good. I’ve had some rookies joining my lobby and I got bodied super hard. That’s true at every rank (like momochi is something like super gold on the ladder but he is one of the best player in the world) but it’s even more the case with rookies.

I usually join rookies battle lounge if I don’t see the message asking for beginners, if I just body him too hard I leave.


The newbie dojo is a place for newbies to ask questions to level up or game or about the FGC; it is not a place to post rants.