Stop kicking [in your sleep]



I join a “Battle lounge”, see that the connection is poor, and exit immediately - however, the other guy was almost freakin’ quicker than me, and manages to fucking kick me out even though I already exited.

Regrettably I won’t reach out to all the freaking morons who kick people off their lobby in The Matrix-like bullet-time, but at least I can reach out to you guys reading this; I’m so fucking annoyed at the hosts to kick folks off after half-a-fucking second :o


Nobody wants to put up with shitty connections.


I’m flashing back to a memory I had playing Tekken 6 in 2009. I joined a lobby in which I had a red ping. Then the host, who sounded like a big gruff black guy with a deep voice, said “Sorry, man. You don’t have a good enough connection” before promptly kicking me. I appreciated gettomg an explanation, rather than just being coldly booted in a micro second but honestly its a hassle for most people to do something like that. A lot of us got jobs, education, training and other commitments and we don’t have a lot of time to play videogames… So people don’t wanna waste time with people joining their lobbies with low ping. Hence the knee-jerk kicking.


hi man !! am reead the tred title and i am same as you…

when i go 2 sleep sometime i start kicking like creezy !! one time i accident kick hole in wall too
and my fatehr came in the room and scream at me "WHY U KICK??? U A DONKEYY??? ARE U DONKEY???"
and then i got shrekted. my face full of bruise and bump on my head just like the cartoon.
but next day when eat the brakfest all look at me and start big laugh so i laugh too and everytink was good again.


Change that to like 10 times now


Yep, it’s pretty annoying.

If connection bars and country flags appeared immediately then the rest would just solve itself :slight_smile: