Stop talking MvC2

I don’t know who did, but I wasn’t the one who deleted the original Wolverine thread… anybody wanna fess up about that?


We Want Vids, We Want Vids.

You had videos. You don’t get it. You lose.

edit: Change your signature if you’re not a complete fucking moron.

hahahaha he calls me a moron and yet he plays blackheart…OWNED

Excuse me! WTF is wrong with playing Blackheart. You stated in the other thread all you have to do is rush him down. I would love to see you try and get close to my Blackheart.

Don’t worry. He’s an idiot. He already proved it by choosing an Akuma variant for his name. Trash stays trash, until somebody disposes of it properly.

Well put.

awwwwwwwww you two look so cute together consulting each other’s feelings, you two should go out sometime, seeing how you both are faggits, BLACKHEART SUCKS, there’s a reason he ain’t top tier

The win button. I may not add much since I’m still pretty new in the scheme of things, but man - all you ever do is talk out of your ass. Stop being an e-thug. Nobody in Florida plays Blackheart worth a damn. I’ll take Isaac’s Blackheart over you for $100, first to 5, at the next regional you both are at. Come to ECC. Same bet against Julian Robinson or anybody else who actually knows how to play Blackheart. Man up, son.

Zaza: I was actually thinking about putting up “Zaza match video highlights” - the ~300MB vids I have - for peeps once I had a chance, since it’s interesting-to-me to see people playing Non-Big-4 well. But if you’re sick of Marvel, I can shitcan that idea. shrug

Another thing… I get this a lot: fans who have absolutely no idea what playing and succeeding (whether it be well or moderately) with Wolverine means, and would of course easily say something like Blackheart sucks.

I also do this a lot… and I don’t mean to “castigate” or anything, but the very fact that I could succeed with a character like Wolverine means that anyone could succeed with anything. Therefore, being my fan and saying something like “Blackheart sucks” or “You play Blackheart… OWNED” is just illogical. If you have any measure of pride (hope you don’t), then don’t get owned by logic… cuz you might feel stupid. Some people think being stupid is bad… usually those that have a measure of pride. Like I said, hope you don’t got it… cuz pride is like dignity, only in excess. Keep the faith and stay dignified, and you won’t feel stupid when logic owns you. People with diginity feel happy when logic owns them, because it becomes yet another placed piece on their puzzle. In other words, it helps you find the truth. If you think my playing is any measure of truth, then perhaps you’ll take my advice as well.

Well then, that’s all I have to say about that.

Preppy: You have videos of me playing? Which ones? If you could put them up, that would be cool…

Man, I’m still thinking about all that lost material from the thread… who deleted my shit??

My brother says that people were saying shit like that I deleted it so I could save my shit for the nationals… HA! Fat chance of me going to Evo this year… if somebody did indeed say that, they don’t know me and is a fuckin idiot. Damn, I’m still a viable topic on SRK? I don’t see anybody playing in arcades anymore… a lot of talk and no playing… SRK is beginning to become a REAL haven for geeks.

Well, later

There is a reason, and it’s not because you put “Blackheart sucks” in capital letters, fucktard.

On a serious note, this homophobia really has to stop. I’m not gay, but I know a lot of people… GOOD people, I might add… that want to get into the scene, but their fear of a certain sector of the community that shall remain nameless keeps them from entering.

Get new insults, trolls. “fag” will only take you so far, unless your name is soup or man.

Wait, wait… hahaha… beginning… hahaha ??? Hahaha… wait… I’ve been here since 6 months after it started… hahaha… since before… hahaha… beginning!? Hahaha… I’M a geek! I’m still posting here!!

Hmm, back tot he topic, strats :smiley:

Sorry if this has already been answered or discussed. Does any use qcb+HP in their game? If so, how? I sometimes use it for cross ups with Sent’s ground assist, or Doom AAA. With Sent: Once in a while, those who aren’t familiar with the set-up will stick out a lk after Wolvie crosses over, but that’s when the punishment begins.

just saw some zaza matches…DAMN… good shit yo. oh and dasrik, at this point i’ve decided not to even care, i don’t really think BH sucks, its that i find it’s so easy to get hit cause he has next to little air control( him moving around) besides dashing back and forth, thats it. so whatever, when i go to a tourney, i’ll play anyone of you guys for money. Peace out bitches.

Not moving around? Would somebody please tell Joe dickhead that BH goes where the hell he wants cuz he has hella priority. . . .I have yet to beat out that |%$#@| tail or the soul pole with anything short of Sent’s normals, Storm’s, or Cyclops j.hp. I’m assuming you’ve never played a good Blackheart before. Well, when you’re sitting midscreen one day blocking db and you realize 40% your bar is gone for no reason, then you just shake your head and say ‘Blackheart sucks. . .yeah right’. I for one would bank on you’re not being as good as you let on gouki10. . . . .

Zaza vids at Preppy’s site, gogogogo!

limited time only, gogogogogo!

in another forum i apologized for anything i said about bh, my friend got into him, and i started seeing the bitch behind the bitch…bh is…god damn she is just a BITCH, but it makes marvel more fun trying to figure out how to beat her.

Sorry to bring back such an old thread, but I would love to see some newer Wolverine strategies written down. Ever since I saw some of those matches a while back I decided Zaza was one of my favorite MvC2 players. So some help with my Wolv (from anybody) would be greatly apprectiated.

he talks about Blackheart sucking, yet he plays oro… WORD… same tier asshole