Stop the hate on ec

We did better this year than last year(4 out of the top 10 were ec)

And alot of the real players respect the other players, i learned ALOT from the west coast and from the amount i play that says alot lol.

anyone thats being an ass about wc owns ec and shit like that is out of line. 9 out of 10 people who are saying shit like fuck the ec or fuck the wc HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ACTUAL PLAYING.

Respect each other and play, the biggest loser is the fag in the crowd being a dick, when he can’t even begin to compete.


I know this is in the wrong spot, i just want people to see it.

Thanks to the srk staff for the tourney, you guys are the best.


nah, i’m just kiddin with you mike.:smiley:

Preach on my Brotha…

good point mixup eastcoast westcoast its all good its just a fuckin game but for those peeps its life those are the peeps that keep flamin this shit up and i do stay in the west coast and that shit was dope watchin WEST COAST VS. EAST COAST<~~highlight Soo
mighty makin a combo vid off of J WONG 2 dope thats 1st time watchin a J wong get owned like that. SOO with those snapbacks its all good cause he does it 2 every1. 2 bad he was put into the loser brackets early on. Rowtron got beat by random shit finals was wac. good shit to JWONG<~~next year someone will beat you! MIXUP GOOD SHIT MST THAT SHIT!

mixup is a fuckin beast
it was cool kickin it w/u and justin
u own sentinel/commando
for life


Hey Mixup, it was nice meeting you. You are really cool and your magz/tron is sick. Overall, Evo was really good. It ran smoothly throughout the whole weekend (except for marvel pools 1-12 which took hella long):lol: . Good shit Everyone, see everyone next year!

P.s: Justin/Row/Kuan and the many others i got to see play for teh first time are hella good.

whose stopping the love?

whatever mike. Nobody was hating on EC. Everyone was hating on the Empire cause they’re tryin to take over Eastcoast. You knew my views about the empire before. I have nothing against the members, but the empire as a whole and TFGM need to stfu and disappear. You by joining the Empire disgraced florida and betrayed my trust. We’re done. No more friendship. Go chill with TFGM and the other Empire fanboys. I said my piece.

Dude im still waitin for the punch line blaziniflo…are serious LOL!!!:lol: :lol: :lol: ( betrayed trust LOL!!!)

Damn blaziniflorida is a fag.



Neither of those fags is serious. It’s all some elaborate trick to fuck with TFGM.

empire may take over ec, but not florida, FL stand up!!!:mad:

Get a life already, do you realize how little you actually have to do with the scene compared to how active you are in posting worthless bullshit about it?

Seriously, stop reading what we post and that’ll solve the whole reply problem we’re having here.

You and your boyfriend do the same, you got a deal.

Lol, just stop posting already, nobody wants to read your trash.

You posted in a thread that will NEVER have anything to do with you, much like half of your other posts. There’s only one type of person worse than the loser who tries to hang out with people who don’t like him. That is the arrogant loser thats a prick to everyone he’s trying to be down with. You must think that by having a bad attitude and randomly insulting people you’ll gain fame on these vbulletins here:lol:

Stop being such an ass and maybe just maybe people would rather read your posts than ignore them.

Mixup i can’t help notice your sig., is that GEORGE me or someone else.

Mike is the realest. <3

Give me a cig Mike :slight_smile: Justin? You were MEAN. Don’t you ever show up in PR! :frowning:


No way it’s you, i’m not like that. We’re cool from here on out:D

Sup paco, you krazy island marvel wombat:lol: You give ME! a cig lol

Thanks for the grub homie, my tummy was itchin for that shizzle

PeaCe 2 the real