Stop the Signing of the Anti-Streaming law

What about international youtube users? Or other video hosting sites?

Obviously US law only applies within the US, but since Google is an American company they could be legally compelled to remove videos (which they already do in many cases). Video hosting sites outside the US would be safe for non-US residents to use, but not for US residents.

This law will do more damage than good. As someone whose area of study entailed the creation of intellectual property I still think the contents of those laws are flawed, unnecessary, and will be abused. What I see is the economy going down, the consumer cutting excess spending, and the entertainment industry becoming desperate to rip people off.

I will probably leave the US before the country completely collapses. I see the global conscious escalating towards drastic change, and I don’t want to be around when **** gets real.

So I guess my plans of moving to Japan after I graduate from college isn’t such a bad idea after all? :slight_smile:

This will never happen. If it does, fuck the US being the flaming business-centric country that it is I hope it dies. But it won’t. So ignore that last part.