Stop trusting Planet Zero

Hi, maybe this will be the final straw (probably won’t) to make you people stop trusting Planet Zero for anything they say.

“Scandal alert: Chang and banana ken might not have spots at SBO. Apparently planet zero never had a spot.” Quoted from @Kim1234_ALL_DAY 's twitter at 7:00 pm PST.

It’s been countless years of having Planet Zero pull this crap off, such as not paying the Japanese players (has that really happened, or did PZJohn say that and SRK staff believed it?), screwing over countless players to go to SBO (players win, PZ switches out team mates for one of their regulars), or just flat out not sending people to SBO (Zar/Sp00ky for Melty Blood)

I pray to whatever supreme being that is in the skies that SRK staff will finally STOP promoting PZ events, no matter what words they say to us to think they are finally going to be “in the right.”

grabs popcorn

Can’t wait.

Yeah, that is pretty bullshit. I feel bad for these guys.

Planet Zero has a dirty track record.

Wasn’t PZ John banned from here for years? Weren’t PZ event prohibited from being posted in Tournament forums?

What more can SRK really do? It’s not like Wiz can MAKE them stop holding tournaments…

I would never attend a PZ event, but if people are dumb/desperate/whatever enough to go to one, it’s on them.

Wizard made PZ John pay back the jp players from 2006, and unbanned Planet Zero’s account…

Might this be Japan’s fault instead of PZ’s?. If the Japs took away PZ’s SBO spots without telling them, can they really be blamed? There is a history of miscommunication with SBO, as shown by the fact PZ had the spot in the first place for so long.

I have zero source on this, I’m just considering other possibilities

and updates?

I need to know this before I head out to go drinking~

Forgive me for playing devil’s advocate, but I’d like to hear PZ’s story before we jump all over them. But if this is true, then rightly go ahead.

I think this is going to end up being the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

I have fucking had it hearing about this asshole doing shady shit with something as prestigious as SBO. It keeps happening over and over again, and he’s hardly capable of defending himself.

he just needs to STOP, end of story

i have never heard anything but bad about planet zero, take that as you will as i really don’t care enough to look into it’s history. bottom line is it has a very shady reputation, and i wouldn’t attend a tournament or event there under any circumstances.

Isn’t this like, the fourth year in a row that Planet Zero has screwed over SBO qualifiers?

As soon as I saw Hsien Chang and Banana Ken qualified at PZ, I laughed and said “Hope they actually make it to Japan with that win.”

Anyone who goes to PZ for any tournament at this point is getting what they deserve. Even if they DO get a SBO slot next year, no one should be going at this point. Don’t attend, don’t let them have a spot at all, if SBO sees no one goes there for qualifiers, maybe they’ll move it to another place. How about DreamTR’s arcade in Tennessee? Doesn’t he have AE as well?

Wait, hold the phone. You mean to tell me this guy isn’t a professional, trustworthy individual that can be depended upon?

Kinda sad PZ is still relevant.

"Planet Zero Anime Center"

"Planet Zero Anime Center is a place where aspects of Japanese pop culture come together: Anime, cosplay, arcade games, music and tuning."

"Planet Zero is like an anime convention, everyday."

I can only pray this thread turns out to be half as interesting as the last one. Defensive posts across multiple forums,
famous names getting dragged through the mud, chat logs getting posted everywhere, people e-mailing Japan. Come on folks, crank this shit up!

I’ve been reading up on the 2008 GG fiasco, and I LOL at the fact that he was switching teams so that his arcade was “represented in a professional manner.”

A professional manner.

Because that guy represents his business in a professional manner.


Sigh planet zero…!/fubarduck/status/114923154601803776

Called it; PZ’s owner had zero idea about this situation. SBO miscalculated the amount of teams that qualed

Also Banana Ken + Hsien will fight Team Kuwait to get into Top 32