Stopping Haggar's Air Pipe + Sentinel Assist?

Hello all,

I played some online matches this morning against a combo that had me stumped: Haggar on point, endlessly Air Piping while Sentinel Force assisting. I myself had Haggar on point, and the only way I could really fend him off was DL’ing to get him out of the air, but the assist always hit me and I could never combo off of it. Very, very annoying. How would you guys handle this kind of situation? On a side note, I had Arthur Dagger Toss assist and Akuma Hyakki Gojin assist.

And while we are on the subject, I have to admit that today showed me I suck at anti-air. Training suggestions/ tips?

Air grab him and throw him towards Sent.

I wish I would have tried that… but would it really beat out the pipe? The start up seemed pretty fast to me.

Post this up in the durpy stuff thread. We already got a thread for this.

you need an assist that will hit Sentinel (beams work well). once Sentinel is hit the drones disappear. Arthur’s daggers aren’t fast enough to hit him. you need something like plasma beam, unibeam, etc.

once drones are out of the way, and it’s just your haggar vs his haggar, just lariat his jumping pipe. if the 3rd hit of your lariat hits late enough, you can combo after. which reminds me, you also need an assist that will allow you to combo off of air throws and lariats.

i would not recommend trying to air throw or air hoodlum launcher his jumping pipe. it’s just too risky, especially online. but if he’s super-jumping + pipe, then air throws become a much better option.

My B, didn’t know how best to frame my search for something this specific.

Thanks, I’ll see about working in a different assist, probably Iron Man since I haven’t touched him yet. Can 'Kuma’s assist work with the lariat?

I play someone who uses this , and an air grab is the right move. I play with Thor , I wait for drones to pass, and attempt to command grab . I recommend chicken blocking and most importantly don’t push block the pipe before u air grab

U ca. prob use dagger toss to convo after an air throw , I’m not sure about what ur options are after haggard command grab

Most of the time in Marvel, the answer to any kind of mixup or pressure is to not put yourself in the position to be mixupped or pressured in the first place

This scenario is a bit more “constant”, so it wouldn’t fall under this sort of thing.

What this person needs is an F.U. assist of higher order. Doom plasma beam would be a perfect fit.

While I agree PBeam is going to help counter this situation decently, I can’t say that just because its constant means that the principle is any different. If you force yourself to eat a drones+magnus mixup, chances are you’re eating a combo. The only way out of that is to avoid the drones and point character all together by SJ/Chicken blocking/Push blocking your way out and retaliating, or creating a situation where the drones arent even safe to call at all. You can risk going for air grabs but if you aren’t the ChrisG or Marlinpie of air grabs, going for that air grab can be pretty risky,
usually leading to a dead character anyway

I would recommend using Akuma’s tatsu assist.

I brought Iron Man in with the uni assist with a lot more success, still using kuma’s tilt down. Thanks for the tips

use Ammy, throw out paper then activate high counter. paper will eliminate 1 drone. if the player is derpy enough, he will come down with continuous pipe and run into the counter. After Ammy drops Haggar, dash down-forward, switch to sword and do down-forward H. While this connects switch back to default stance. combo and launch and then in the air do M, H, H, H qcf H. land and on ground bounce, snap in Sentinel.

Super-Jumping? lol,

and I might of missed it, but you didn’t say who was on point.

Please take this to the derpy stuff thread. thanks.