Stopping makato

I dont know if this subject has been covered or what, but its been annoying the hell outta me lately…
I got a farely decent dudley i believe, i know all his bells and whistles…but it seems i have the hardest trouble fighting my friend’s makato and its bugging me. i usually own my friends when we game with dudley, but he just recently began to use her and do this really silly combo that im having all kinds of HELL figuring out a good way to get out of! its basically…

Karakusa (thats the neck grab?)—> s. medium punch XX Hayate…then dudley is stunned for a split second and he does KARAKUSA AND DOES THE SAME CHAIN AGAIN AND AGAIN:annoy:

if i move the joystick, i get grabbed…
if i try to s.jab, or any other punch i get grabbed…
if i try to throw i get grabbed…
AND SOMETIMES when i do corkscrew blow i get GRABBED.

now i know if time my attack after his Hayate (like a SA or whatever) i would hit him perfectly and its all gravy…but what if hes expecting me to attack? what if he blocks my attack?

:sweat: i hope im not confusing you guys, but what is the best way to escape this stupid shit SAFELY. thanks fellas…(any other tactics i can use against this bitch? lol :lol: )

Um. Hold up on the joystick after the hayate. You can jump out of the karakusa, just like every other throw in the game.

I think you can dash backwards out of that lock too, it might be character dependent though.

if your opponent loves to karakusa right after karakusa -> s. fierce x hayate, just SSB (HCB + K). cancel into super if you have the bar.

you can also jump straight up and do fierce or roundhouse. or just EX Jet Uppercut right after.


shouldn’t short short super also work?

EX uppercut!

be careful with SSB. i don’t know if the dudley did it late, but i’ve grabbed it a few times before he gets out of range. it looks really funny… backdash doesn’t sound reliable either.

short short super is too slow.

I play makoto, I think the best way to escape karakusa mix-up is just to jump out backwards, the most they can do to punish you if they do guess you’re jumping out is ex-oroshi or, which either way isn’t a great deal of damage, and it’s definitely a lot less than a follow-up karakusa combo over and over again. Although I could’ve sworn you could jab out of it, which would be the second best option (a little harder to time), or to tech-hit, which is a bit riskier (is beat by -> lp hayate).

Or if you’re playing a more advanced makoto, it’s more of a risk for her, but I think constantly doing lp hayates over and over again is unescapable by jumpback, but I’m not sure. Can anyone confirm this? if she guesses wrong though and you block instead, huge opening for retaliation.

I played Jiggles in a tourney recently, and his new “strategy” really worked out well, IMO. We play Makoto vs Dudley respectively. Literally, he held up at most of the match, along with picking Corkscrew. This is a bad matchup for Dudley regardless, her and ex srk just rapes all of his pokes(even his cr. roundhouse), and standing mk safely anti airs him, parried or not. Take advantage of his ridiculous stun bar and health, every mixup, reset, wakeup, simply hold up. It will take ALOT of random pokes from her to make him worry about it too much, and once you’ve got a read on her, you can almost guarantee your ex uppercuts. Build meter safely, make absolutely sure you only attack her from the air when she’s in recovery from something, and throw her enough that it becomes a worrisome issue.

you guys also have to keep in mind that Dudley can option select s. roundhouse x EX MGB vs. Makoto pretty easily. if Makoto is whiffing pokes, spam s. roundhouse x EX MGB and if your roundhouse hits her, you have a guaranteed combo.

SSB works. you just gotta do it the moment her Hayate finishes. i use either the short or forward versions.


^ This is a solid strat vs Makoto, but bear in mind that a good Makoto can dash in and Kara-kusa on the recovery of a standing HK if you get your distances wrong.

I also find when a bit closer to makoto that crouching lp +lk together is pretty good, if she dashes up and throws you can tech or better still you can get two cr.lp’s together and then verify corkscrew blow after it.

Also from the right ranges XX duck XX super is really good against her.

Oh and one more thing, makoto’s wake up time is really bad, if you score a super on her, jump over her with an early HK to cross her over and then mix up with meaty dart shot or crouching shorts. Because of her bad reversals, she is basically forced into a 50/50. Jumping over her, can put a player off blocking the right way, espeically if after doing this once, you time the HK so you land in front of her instead of behind.

and yet another thing:

Makoto is one of the easier juggleables in the game. for Dudley anyway.

midscreen combos:

  1. **s. roundhouse x forward Ducking Uppercut **- yes, this works whether she’s crouching or standing

  2. s. roundhouse x EX MGB -> twds + forward x fierce Jet Uppercut

there are other midscreen combos, but they’re too difficult and as such aren’t worth doing unless you’re playing the CPU.


  1. **s. roundhouse x EX MGB -> jab MGB -> c. roundhouse -> jab MGB -> c. roundhouse -> finisher **- you can finish with either forward Ducking Uppercut, forward Ducking Straight or just a fierce Jet Uppercut

  2. **c. roundhouse x 5 -> finisher **- finisher is same as above

  3. **c. roundhouse -> EX Jet Uppercut -> fierce Jet Uppercut **- this one has great stun.


Yeah, for midscreen I usually do #2 and for corner I do #1. Makoto is the easiest to connect those jab MGBs so I don’t even bother with the multiple c.rh juggles(I actually do the same thing w/ remy). Whoring option select s.rh x EX MGB with Makoto was very helpful for me when I was playing a makoto that loved to poke. Good stuff guys-

c. roundhouse -> EX Jet Uppercut -> fierce Jet Uppercut - this one has great stun.

u can do one more cr.rh b4 the ex uppercut

i haven’t tried it that way yet. i guess i will. only reason i can think of to not do it that way is that the stun might get reduced. if you notice, the longer combos also have stun reduction along with damage reduction. but hey, there might not be that much of a difference since it’s only 1 hit added.


SICK STRATAGIES…thanx fellas…

Also mid screen on Makoto you can do:
c.roundhouse xx jab MGB -> c.roundhouse xx forward ducking uppercut xx corkscrew blow**

Timing for the second c.roundhouse is kinda hard, I always feel like i have to walk a tiny bit first.

exactly. it’s probably the most difficult Dudley combo in the game—which is why i don’t bother trying for it when playing against someone who isn’t called the CPU. if you land it, then yay for you. if you don’t, then you just wasted a great opportunity for guaranteed damage.


Yeah, you have to take a slight step forward for the second sweep to connect

makoto vs dudley is pretty even. though makoto has a blistering offense, she has no real defense besides blocking and parrying, unless shes using SA1. dudley has all the tools he needs to defend against makoto, and in addition to that has good offense of his own. this matchup usually goes to whoever gets in an advantageous situation first makoto landing her grab, or dudley getting makoto in the corner. watch out for sa2 makoto though, do not do low meaties on an SA2 makoto in the corner, because SA2 is off the ground instantly, leaving you stuck in your recovery if you tried to c.rh. if the makoto knows this they will high parry more often because it is mostly in their favor, making you hesitant to attack, as they can potentially win the round off a random super or parry.