Stopping the camping guile? (need help)



Every now and then I face Guile online. But all of them that I have faced stand in the back and camp. they will crouch and spam sonic boom and when I get close they flash kick. I have been able to stop this with guy using run + lk or run+ hk. But I don’t use guy all the time. This is really annoying and I would appreciate any advice on stopping these campers. Thank you


Bait the flash kick, punish accordingly. Spam the spam spam. Spammity camper. into Bushin throw works well too, to bait the FK as well as just to throw him for 200. EX-Shoulder through booms too. Also, damnit, just work to your range and straight up Bushin flip to throw, it beats FK clean, and if they are crouching then they arent being too mobile for you to get to your ranges. You can run silde through anticipated booms then backdash the subsequent spammity spam camper FK too.


“How can I beat someone who does the same predictable stuff?” Hmm. HMMMM!

Stop jumping on him. Play footsies to make him whiff and beat him down. Guile also has very poor crossup counters. Start crossing him up when you do jump. Make him panic.

Footsies Handbook!


Guile should be in an FPS.


As a Guile player, I generally try to match their Sonic Boom for about two or three goes, and then I’ll hop over the next one, or Focus Attack Dash through it and then I’ll turtle, but also be very liberal with throwing Sonic Booms. If you turtle close to them, about mid-screen, they get a little nervous, and then they usually give in because they are not sure what to do, and go for the jump in, which makes for an easy counter opportunity. Also, Flash Kick is a good counter for those try to follow their Boom up with a Fierce attack. You have to out-turtle them, honestly, but you need to do it in a way that gets them feeling nervous and has them do something stupid.


I thank you all for your help I just hate having to match spam with spam or out turtle someone. Hopefully I don’t face many guile in the future lol


The key for any character against guile is Ambiguous cross-ups and Safe Jumps. The best thing guile can do is FK~FADC or Block. Mix that in with Blockstrings and Kara throws, and guile is in trouble.

Thing is, Guy is at a disadvantage here since Guile has a response for just about everything guy can throw at him, and Guy isnt that hard to keep out with Decent Zoning.