Stopping Time Warner Cable from Throttling Youtube and Twitch.TV

I found this great guide on how to stop TWC from throttling “cached videos”. The main ones I use being YouTube and Twitch.TV. I use an iMac so this is Mac specific. For windows follow the link to the original article and scroll to the bottom of the page.

For those comfortable with the Mac command line

Blocking these IP addresses from connecting to you computer force TWC into streaming the actual video instead of trying to pre-cache the videos. There will be a 1-2 min startup but then no interruptions afterwards.

I’m comfortable with computers and networking. Now that I know which IP addresses to block does anyone know of a good router that I can block these for all my devices? I want to use this trick so I can get better YouTube performance on my PS3 and Smart phone when connected to my home network. I have a Linksys E3000 but I can’t filter specific IP addresses through the stock firmware. There is very little custom firmware support for this model and I don’t want to brick my router with experimental firmware.

Anything that can be flashed to DD-WRT would be good.

I just did it and immediately noticed a difference, good shit

I did this about 2 nights ago. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to have much effect. Youtube vids do load ok now, but they were stating to do that on their own. Twitch worked ok for my last night, but is total garbage tonight.

I just moved, and I’ve got Insight Cable, which was bought up and is currently being merged into TWC. TWC does offer better service but I had no idea about the youtube/ issues. I miss the U-verse we had at my old place. Unfortunately it’s cable internet or 3Mbit DSL here. When/if they role out U-Verse I’m likely jumping ship.

I had a router that I flashed with DD-WRT but I left it at my ex’s house (my mistake). I bought a dual band wireless N router and looked into flashing it but the on board memory is extremely small and there is a good chance I could brick the router. I’m holding out until the new wireless standard is out. Then I’ll see which ones are flashable.

Would this do anything for playing online? Or is it just for streaming?

Just streaming.

Has this yielded results for everyone else? I’m still having a terrible time with Twitch. Even Archives are screwed up.

I think it might be a TWC specific thing. I just followed the original blog post. I can push YouTube up to 720p or even 1080p and videos run smoothly. It takes it a bit longer to start up but it’s worth it for me YMMV. I can tell a difference because when I try to watch the same videos on my PS3 they are constantly stopping to buffer.

Thanks for sharing this.

I wonder if there are other IPs that Twitch relies on? My youtube is indeed working and I can stream during off-peak times. I tried watching the divekick e-sports hour archive last night and it was unwatchable. i had it running while I was getting ready for work this morning and it ran smoothly.

can we comast users use it?

Is there any way to figure out if your ISP is doing this and what their IPs are?

It blows my mind to know that this is legal… And yes this did work for me as a TWC user, but not enough to make a huge difference.

TWC is throttled to hell and sucks. Try doing traceroutes out of anything TWC it’s seriously dissappointing

I just did it and noticed the effect immediately. Good stuff

You know I was starting to doubt how effective this was since I still get stuttering on Twitch. Then I tried simply watching Youtube on my laptop, which I haven’t done this on yet, and I couldn’t even get through a 4 minute video. Man this sucks.

Here is some good background info on how this works and why some ISPs make YouTube shit.