Store near me has just about any controllers that you can imagine

check it out… there’s an email link… they might ship… i dunno… but it doesn’t hurt to ask them via email if they will ship or not.

Even PS2 Saturn pads?

they had one of them when i was there. i don’t know if it’s still there. theyr’e in the middle of nowhere… email them about it.

I’ve emailed them, but still haven’t heard a response. meh, i wasn’t desperate anyways.

Did you see any Ascii PS2 pads or Nintendo Wavebirds?

I"m looking for a WHITE saturn pad for sega saturn or ps2 wonder if they have it…

well, this one is way better the the Saturn one:

No they aren’t.

a vs thread lol.

i forgot about those pads.

how good are they?

If you’ve ever had a neo geo pocket, the control pad is very similar. So basically, if you liked the Neo Geo Pocket controller, you’ll like the neo geo pad 2.

I have two of them and one Saturn one, like I said is way better.

well, last time i was at the store, i was looking for PSX H series pads, which they have, and sticks i can hack, like the namco ones… i found a namco one which i bought, and two H series pads… they had more pads, but no more namco sticks… it’s about 40 minutes away from me, so I don’t go frequently… i’ll post up if i’m going again.

Keep thinking that then.

Sexy… :wink: