Stores in Canada selling Mad Catz SE stick?

Hey, I know some of you guys have gotten your stick in the mail from the states but has anyone seen one in an actual store yet? I’ve checked the Wal-Marts and EBgames in my area and no luck so far. Are places even planning on carrying them or should I just go online and order one?

the will be released only in ebgames in canada on the 18th as far as i know. good luck finding one

Most of the stores don’t have the stick in yet, and many have them held from pre-order. However, from the guys I’ve talked to, they may get some extra, but they will go fast most likely.

I’m not too certain if Wal-Mart will be getting the sticks in at all to be honest.

As for online sites, I’m not too certain, however I talked to and they said they are not even sure when they would get them in.

So, your best bet seems to be to keep checking in at these stores, and maybe pre-order online to be safe (which is what I am doing).

Shitty. Any online stores in Canada besides tigerdirect going to stock these? Tigerdirect is charging more then I was expecting.

I can’t find any online stores in Canada to get a stick. Tigetdirect is saying I’d get the stick in April now.


April? The SE? Shit. Guess I’ll just pony up and make another custom.

Hmm April, that sounds pretty crappy to be honest. I’ll probably try my luck on Tuesday and see if any of the stores have it.

As for the price, it’s actually cheaper than in the stores, which have it for 99.99, although when you do factor in shipping, it does make it more expensive (unless you can pick up, then gg)

What? EB is going to charge $99 for the standard edition? Damn son. Custom it is.

Stupid Canadian dollar has fallen again. Games are even starting to go back up to $69.99. Street fighter is costing me so much money.

A store near me had some SEs in stock for PS3. I’m guessing you want the 360 since you have an Xbox Gamertag. The PS3 one in the US is $70 plus tax so around $74 or something. I wouldn’t mind getting one for you guys as long as you cover the paypal and shipping fees. I wouldn’t ask for any money for services. Just as long as I break even, I don’t mind helping you guys out. That being said, I don’t know what the shipping cost would be to Canada from the US for the stick.

Anyway, feel free to PM me if you want one. Just do it quick since who knows if they’ll even have SEs left tomorrow.


I was just phoning around the ebgames in my area, and some of them are getting the SE sticks “around mid next week” which is around when street fighter 4 launches. Though, they’ve said that its all been preordered already. I’m in Southern Ontario btw. hope this helps.

Hmm my friend brought up an interesting point, perhaps Toys R Us may carry the sticks.

Does anyone know if they may?

why would they?

game store? i do not see why they wouldn’t