Storing fireballs with Juri

My friend explained it as performing the input so that Juri kicks, but before the fireball comes out, you hold…something. I kind of got lost at that point.

Can someone tell me how to store one, and what I can do afterwards?

hold whatever kick button you used in the original input. release button to release her fireball.

since her fb has very little recovery, you could throw out a > wheel kick if the spacing is right.

Yeah basically do the fireball motion but instead of letting the button go, hold it down. (Light or Med would be your best bet, Heavy will usually whiff over their heads.) If you hold the button down, the fireball won’t actually come out – that’s “storing” a fireball. While holding that button down, execute another attack (it really has to be a light or mid punch or kick because of the delay) and when you press and release the button you pressed to attack, release the button you were holding to store the fireball. If you do it right, you should pop them with whatever attack you just did, then instantly let the stored fireball out as well for a two hit combo.

Ohh, that’s pretty cool. Thanks!

You’re now on your way to NEVER losing a fireball war! Good luck!

I believe the most important ones to store are the lk and hk variants. With the HK, you can catch someone jumping in with it, and with correct spacing, punish with Utra 2. With LK, you can cr.MK, release fireball, then Ultra 2.

Well, Juri just got ten times cooler. Does any other character do this?

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