Storm air combo to special



I’am sure you’ve all seen it before where people air combo + 1 or 2 lighting attacks then does lightening storm ( usually followed up with a DHC with Sent) . Well how do you get the lightening storm do happen? Everytime I get to the lighting attacks the opponet just falls because I can’t get the lighting storm out. :sweat:


Make sure youre doing HCF+PP,I had that problem before
hope that helps :angel:


Cancel the lighting attack faster. That used to happen to me way back. Just cancel to super right when it hits. Dont hesitate. I just buffer the motion before the LA even hits. And if you ever want to DHC into sent then wait til the super is over and let them drop a little bit (unless there really close to the ground).


What’s her most damaging air combo minus cross ups?


hk>>adf lk mk la>ls I think…not much damage scaling :slight_smile:


IMO. the one i really use is[launch] -> -> -> -> LA [upwards] delay a little -> LA [neutral/forward] XX LS

or[launch] -> -> -> Dash Forward -> -> -> LA [upwards] delay a little -> LA [neutral/forward] XX LS

… point is. the two LA, upwards and forward. makes storm very close to the opponent when cancelled to LS. Correct me if i’m wrong btw.


oh yeah when I said la>ls I meant two like that

actually crlk>crmk>sj>addf hk (otg)>standing hk>sj hk>adf>lk>mk>lax2>ls :slight_smile: should do more damage.


ermmm… i can’t seem to picture this out. maybe i can revise it man… -> -> -> trijump lk. -> -> sj. hk -> adf lk -> -> LA x2 XX LS. i think this is what you’re supposed to mean…


nope>> sj-> air dash down foward-> (otg)->>> air dash foward lk, mk-> la-> ls

:slight_smile: but like iron mans japanese inf. setup you gotta go to neutral first.

#10 rollable = bad if you can land the anyway

Like any sj cancel that doesn’t involve a launcher, you have to go to neutral first.


i see. i’ll try that.

usually, in the heat of the battle. storm’s -> -> can’t be seen by some players, and in turn, forgets to roll, or thinks of rolling but it’s too late since the s…hk did already connect.

like i usually do this -> -> + CaptainCommando[AA] -> Hailstorm.


So your supposed to pause after the LA becore you cancel into LS? Umm… I been trying to cancel in to the Lighting Storm before the LA. It seems in videos when people LA the other charcter bounces up a little and then they do it. When I try it they stay there kinda and I can’t xx into LS. Maybe its my nails :rofl:


no. you don’t do the delay from LA to LS. you do the delay in between the 2 LA…

LA[upwards] delay LA[forward] XX LS.


So after I do the second LA the way I XX is just doing the LS (qcf+pp) right when it hits right? I think it’s my timing. Should I do the Lighting Storm command right away after the 2nd LA or is there a window of time to wait? Because Storm always follows the player when I LA. In other words instead of bouncing them up like I se in other vids she flies right next to or by them.

Thanks again guys. I know it gets boring explaning things to noobs:wgrin:


Oh yeah I keep forgetting to ask. What combo should I start off with first to practice this (the LA xx LS)


hk>sjlk lk>la>ls


that’s the neutral la. just hold up for the first la delay then neutral la then immediately do the motion for LS…

hmm… on practicing, try the one mentioned above [hk>sjlk lk>la>ls … just try with only with la for the meantime so you can get used to the timing.


That’s how I started off by learning how to do it but I added an extra mk to it, seems to work better for me. Sometimes I the motion for LS in the opposite direction. lol

hk,, mk, la, la xx ls

I try and do it without delay.


im having problems with this too im not consistent

first i tried doing launch lk mk ad/f lk mk (U+LA) x2 xx LS cuz i missed doing the rom lol.

i tried doing launch lp lk lp lk la la xx ls but i have this problem as soon as i finish the magic series i think to my self okay now i gotta do a la but then its too late to combo into it i dont know why i do that. so then i tried just doing launch la xx ls and that is my most consistent but in the midst of battle im so used to launchining and magic series’ing that i automatically press a lp or lk and then when i think to my self “oh shit igotta la now” its too late to combo. and i have sat down in training mode and just practiced the combo so iget used to it. im trying to figure out if there is a delay between the magic series and the first LA. do i have to wait for the mk animation to end before i press LA or do i just press LA immediately after mk.

i seen some vids of people just doing launch lk mp mk la la xx ls. is that better?

a typical example is i launch and do a magic series then delay (not on purpose and the combo counter ends) and do la la xx ls and i will get that to combo no problem.

also is the c.lp rollable? i use c.lp to start comboes or if i am dropping in on them tj.hp

#20 ^ uf-LA xx LS

Works 100%. After the launch, you can hold up-forward until you need to do the hcf for the LS.

The one I do all the time goes like this, though: ^ aduf uf-LA xx LS