Storm Air to Ground Combo help~

i was watching some eccxi vids and I noticed that jwong and sanford used a air to ground storm combo really well and effectively. i realize that its been around but in those matches it really shined.

it starts in air w/ lk hp land on ground then whatever you wish lk lp etc.

the part i don’t get is how you reproduce the air to ground part.
not sure whether its you hold up to float slowly on that instant when ur going to lk hp? or if its other stuff.

help pls? :slight_smile:

i saw a video that on sentinel she does j.hp then jhk combos and she can combo on the ground from there… ithink i saw that video as well… that jwong came down on whoever it was after and aircombo with j.hp i think? im not 100% sure im jus putting down wat i recall seeing somewhere… if u can put down the link id appreciate it… its got my attention and id like to hear how its actually done if anyone knows

If it’s in the corner, it’s ^ addf v s.hp

If it’s not in the corner, you cause flying screen in the air (fierce attack in an air combo) then OTG them just before you land.

The Storm infinite on Sentinel is just [ j.hp] (repeat bracket). Hold up-forward for and and move to forward for j.hp and The timing is fairly lenient for the hp and hk, but don’t do the lk mk slowly.