Storm and Cable avatar request any takers?


I would like to know if anyone would like to make me a storm cable avatar, thanx. :smiley:


i’ll do it


alright thanx


'ere ya go, big boy :lol:


Thanks alot i really like it!:smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile:


Im so sorry to make a complaint about the avatar, but when i went to put it as my avatar it said that it wasnt a valid gif or jpg file. so i was wondering if it was because there was no movement in the avatar or something. If you could fix this it would i would realy appreciate it and if you dont i understand. thanks.:slight_smile:


weird… i tried the av just now in my account and it worked fine

here’s a jpg version; try it


I dont know whats wrong it still says the same thing, maybe its just my account im not sure.


here ya go man, this’ll work.:slight_smile:


You probably need to clear your temporary internet files. In the mean time, instead of opening or left-clicking the attachment, right-click and save as from there.


Thanks for the help everyone i appreciate it alot but the problem still is current. I am sorry if i am causing any inconvenience.


As you guys can see my avatar is working fine thanks y45hiro for taking up my request and everyone else for trying to help me out thanks alot:D :slight_smile: