Storm Assist OTG w/ Magneto

I was watching a video a while ago and someone was rushing with Magneto and used Storm’s projectile assist to OTG the opponet and get into ROM. I’am assuming that you call the assist ahead of time…

the one I saw looked like dash in, Storm (I think), c.hp, sj. hk, hp, land, opponent hits wind,

this popped up the opponent

anyone know any combos with Strom and Magneto like this?

cr lk + storm, cr hp, sj hp, ad.df hp, hk (storm hits) cr hk, rom works :slight_smile:

That works. Nice 5-Fierce right into ROM.

Another is dLK, dHP + Call Storm, sjHP, ADDF, sjLK, sjHP, sjHK, land + Storm Hits, ROM. AFAIK you can call Storm either right before dHP or right after.

You can also do this with Son-son projectile, Sent Drones, Spiral projectile, Megaman proj, Morrigan proj, Thanos Bubble off the top of my head.

Oh, I’am kinda gettin it. Is the supposed to pop them up and then you just etc etc rom?

Oh and zang, does d mean down like crouching?


ya, sorry its just one less letter haha. i’ll start using… c.

oh i always thought that started fly screen. does storms assist cause fsd?

I call storm + and dash at the same time, then c.fp(launch) sj ad.df sj.fp, tornadoes hit. From there I think you can launch into the rom or just start one of them while she’s being juggled, right?

I find this way she generally is juggled on top of the tornadoes if that makes sense. Everybody does their ROM at a different speed so, i think everyone likes the opponent at different heights.

Yeah :lovin:

Its so weird though. I can DO da combo but not consistantly. Like a five fierce is no problem for me any more. But doing it for the storm assist thing messes me up somehow. Oh well more hours in da danga room I guess :wonder:


i like being more fancier with storm. lol,, call her, xx tri jump lp whiff, dash dash dash (you get 7 hits out of typhoon instead of 3, so when you see the counter approach 9, then start this part), c.lp, 1 hit, xx tri jump lk, lk, rom…

i just like getting the seven hit typhoon. the rest is up to you.

isn’t that rollable?

yeah. just because it’s rollable doesn’t mean that it’s bad. same with hg xx temp.

you can juggle it on top too, but you only get one additional hit.

i didn’t say that it’s bad, i got a lot of strings that’s rollable. i just wanna confirm if it’s rollable. :tup:

How about rom , land, dash in s.jab, s.strong + storm (chains) there are a ton of options off of that, like the unmashable, and really confusing cross up tri-jumps in general.

i’ve seen piponaz do this -> c.hp+storm(a) -> sj.hp -> addf hp -> trijump lk mk -> ROM/Reset.

yeah, i know it’s not an OTG combo with storm. but it looks cool.

in case people didn’t know either, you can four fierce into the OTG typhoon (unrollable), and relaunch; c.lp, s.lp, rom; 1 hit xx sj rom; xx hg xx tempest DHC hailstorm

yeh, only hard thing for me wif this is i cant cancel the… i cant get the timing… its random for me… is it the same timing for s.hp?:looney:

yeah, it’s the same timing.

You can cancel the s.RHxxHGxxMT right? Its the same timing as that, just an sj instead of HG :lovin:

the timing is more strict with super jump cancelling. it seems to be the same, but it’s definitely harder with it

try TK super jumping out…

I usually do:, cr.hp, storm assist, sj, hp, addf+hp, hk, dash, cr. lk,, ROM

Thats how I usually do it, right after Mag’s launch I quickly press my Storm assist button.