Storm Basics

I come in and I see only TWO threads? Did things get deleted or something?


  1. What’s a good, practical Storm only combo?
    I’m looking for a way to fuck someone off a launcher without a super.

  2. What’s a good combo for Storm to do with Gene Splice assist?

  3. A combo for Gene Splice in corner?

If it matters, I’m currently working on: Storm, Sentinel, Cyclops.

  1. Other than that, post general Storm basics.

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  1. If you get one or no overhead hits on them, do ^ adf LA*2 LS. That does a bit more damage than the regular one.
  1. launch without super? ok, easy…, sj, hk, adf, lk, hk

if you’re by the corner, you can hit HP on your way down OTG for more damage.

in the corner, your best options are…, sj, hk, addf, hk, land: then…

  •, s.lp, s.hp,, s.lp, s.hp walk foward + throw
  •, s.lp, s.hp,, tri jump with hk whiff (it’s a crossup) ~ whatever
  • c.lp, corner infinite (, d+lp, lk, hk, land repeat)
  1. honestly, the best combo IMO is simply, tri, lk, land, + call clops, c.lp, hailstorm. it’s fast, effective, and does damage. it’s easier than getting fancy.

  2. in the corner, you can do some combo mixups and whatnot, including the combo above.

  •, call clops, sj, hk, LA LA LS
  •, clops, otg, sj, hk, addf, hk (you got the rest of this already)

see what i mean? just do your basic combos but try to work out a way to fit clops in there. that’s pretty much how you play clops with everybody in the corner. there’s some crazy damage you can do with sentinel too… my opinion, is if you got 2 bars and you hit with storm, DHC for an EASY 100% kill…

the sentinel combo i’m talking about…

launch, call clops, sj, hp, lp rp, dp rp, hp

it does about 55-70% life, depending on who it’s on

I have a question.

How does the Triple Fierce into drones into lanuch go? Not the one in the corner, but the one done midscreen. Tell me is this how it goes:

st. hk + Sent, sj. hp, addf, ad. hp, ad. hk, drones hit??, launch.

Is that how it goes? If so, what is the timing on the trip. fierce?

launch + call, sj, lp, lk, hp, opponent goes into drones

Thank you. I appreciate it.

How bout some variations on her Magic series? I’ve seen some variations that use air dashes+crossovers. Can anyone plz help me?

No. Stick to the basics, for crying out loud. Everytime Storm players miss an air combo because they’re trying to do some fancy bullshit, God cuts off someone’s penis.

what ever happened to finishing a air combo with good ol hard kick?

5 fierce =]

launch, hp addf hp, hk / hk is probably her better solo combo

i just dont understand why i dont see anyone use it when they’re meterless

Hey guys I just picked this up. I used to play 5 years ago but havent played in years. I play 3S pretty well but Im having trouble landing the LAx2 LS combo off a launcher. Any tips?

Im doing launch x lp lk mp mk LA (QCB p) LA XX LS (HCF PP). If this notation looks right what is the timing on the end? Do i wait for the first LA to hit and then do the next one. Do i do a qcf p, qcfp as fast as possible then do a hcf pp?

Thanks in advance.

tech master: it’s not an easy combo to do, and afaik, it’s only “easy” to hit in the corner… mid screen is rediculous to hit it without significant practice, and personally, i’d put more time into learning good resets.

for LAx2 xx LS…try this whole command… might seem harder, but it works if you’re having trouble. thing is, since it will hit the LS far away, it wont have maximum potential.

launch, sj, lk, lk, u/f+lk+hp, u/f+lk+hp, u, u/b, b, d/b, d, d/f, f+pp

make a big circle… the best way to do LA LS combo though is to go up, straight, xx LS fast… maximum damage is almost guaranteed here.

don’t do a full magic cuz of damage buffering.what’s up with the qcb+p though? that doesn’ make sense… there’s no need to do that… there’s no qcf+p… qcf p does nothing… qcf+k is her typhoon… LA is just LK+HP+ direction

the ONLY time that storm’s advanced air combo strings should be used is under BOTH of the following conditions… 1. you’re winning by a good margin, and 2. you’re in DESPERATE need of meter.

other than that, if you’re about get get a level 2 and your storm’s dying, i see nothing wrong in going for another hit for the LS DHC options… the risk is losing storm. the advantage is having ur storm recover some and killing or donig a lot of damage to their character

Oh i guess i didnt know what LA was lol. I thought it was her little lighting ball projectile. That would make a difference lol.


eh? its not that hard, its just like mags’ 5 fierce. you might have to do the firs two hp’s a little faster but thats all. just depends how you launch them that makes it hard. i’d rather put more time learning the 5 fierce then a reset considering resets are 50/50 and her 5 fierce does almost as much damage as her standard LA xx LS combo. and just likes mags’ 5 fierce it opens you up for a mixup.

people that play storm like magneto don’t know how to use storm. i’ve said it time and time again.

the five fierce with her ends with a launcher, which isn’t that great of a way to end it. sure you can dash under, but to actually create a mixup afterwards is rediuclous. storm loses when her opponent gets on top of her. you rarely see that because of her floating ability. i’d rather have a situation where my opponent flies to the side, i can use drones for zoning and get back in.

in the corner you can do a bit more, but personally, in the corner you can end with s.hp, and then work from there which is an easier scenario IMO. u get them in the corner with storm and it’s over. with magneto, he gets a hit any part of the screen and it’s over. that’s the difference

You can use parts of the five fierce for resets and such in itself, if you have an assist to create havoc. Let me give you some examples with my favorite duo, Storm/Doom:

Launch + Doom, sj. hp xx ad df, ad. hp, ad. hk(otg): and pick something, use that imagination. This’ll set em up horizontally for stuff.

Launch + Doom, sj. hp xx ad df, ad. lp: and then something. This’ll set em up more vertical for stuff.

Launch + Doom, sj. hp xx ad df, ad. hp: and them something. The “I can’t get up” one.

Use your imagination, and don’t worry about the Five Fierce with Storm. If you really have to do it, stick with four. That way, you can still focus on being elusive, and using Storm’s priorities a lot better.

Hope this helps.

it does… five with her IMO is a waste of time… .but as you said, using pieces of it’s fine

how is it a waste of time if you can do it consitently? the thread starter wanted to know storm only combos with no launcher. it does REAL good damage for normals only. when i say it opens up for mixups, that doesnt necessarily mean storm has to start the mixup off. after the last hk, storm obviously has frame advantage in which you could call out your assist and work off that. but thats all IMO. i have a different fighting style than most. but i’d rather get more saucy and win, then to play conservative and win. this game is so old, people need to have more fun with it. not everyone plays just for the sake of tournaments, but more often for fun casuals to show off

lol i feel you man its about the heart of the game

if u cna do it consistantly, then that’s fine. i know what the topci creator was asking, so i was providing things that can be done easily. you make it sound like i was personally attacking your style, wtf. i was critiquing that he shouldn’t bother to learn the combo atm cuz it’s difficult. if he doesn’t know basic combos with cyclops, you want him to do storm’s five fierce? wtf are you smoking kid? calm down. people that take this game that seriously need to get a life