Storm combo in MvC2 , rate it please

please rate 1-10


that was a pretty sweet fuckin combo… 8.0 since marvel is so fucking crazy to begin with

9 that was sick

looks like you got an IM there buddy

combo was pretty nice i give it a 7

Good luck ever getting that in a match.

Hence why combo exhibition and matches are generally considered seperate. Unless it’s BAS playing cvs2.


8/10. nice! gonna try that shit out

Can you actually do that in a match. The combo is tight, but I thought after you hit them to the ground you couldn’t hit them back up again. 10 anyway

EDIT: Never mind, I saw what happened.

believe it or not, i do get this is matches alot. but anyways, glad u guys liked it =D

edit: well, im making a match highlights video and u will see that i can do these kind of combos :slight_smile: also, i might be making a combo video (BY HAND) soon. 1 last thing, magnetro what did u think of it?

Yeah it was good. 8/10

very nice, didn’t know about tri jump jab into, if it’s midscreen, i do dash in, sj hk, ad lk, lk ls xx la after em disruptor.

9 or 10/ 10

EDIT: “YEAH>… magnetro, what do you think?” oh and good shit Dan

Pretty cool combo. 8/10.

What did you think Magnetro?!

I don’t know much about marvel, but could you do that launch, sj lk,-rh, airdash down, jab into whatever relaunch thing over and over again?

sick ass combo there. 9/10

I’ve actually gotten a variation of that in a match. After the Mag disruptor, I just launch, sj.RH, dash d/f, sj.Rh, reset/whatever. It’s actually not too hard to get that combo in if your opponent is in the corner already and you’ve already done a reset on them.

does it only work on commando? cuz he falls really fast???

edit: forgot to rate it, it’s good, i’d give it 8 cuz i’m fairly sure you can do more in the last bit in the air to add more hits but the initial parts were like really awesome

That’s a damn nice combo. 9/10 And huge props if you actually land that in matches.