storm combo

Whats the secret to doing the storm combo where she launches and does a few hits, then dashes to the other side really fast to a LAxx LS? My dash doesnt seem as fast as the videos and 90% of the time I miss the LS. What is the secret?

best way to do this combo is Launch, sj, lp, lk, Dash D/F(to go under and behind them) then LA(hold the Joystick in their Direction which is Back/up) then Cancel to Lighting Storm. Note: When you cancel to Lighting Storm, do the motion as if you where on the orignal side, Why? because when you dash under, you facing the same direction, and when you cancel the Dash with the LA you are still facing the Same direction because you canceled the dash that was facing the direction.

So if you start the combo when your storm is facing the right side of the screen, do the LS as if you where facing the Right side of the Screen.

btw, Your Sig is the Truth.

There’s something about this combo that throws me off. So I will assume that when you do this one, it is much faster than the lk lk LAxxLS. The cancelling into the super is much faster correct? About as fast as a hypergrav tempest?

I have seen another combo in a vid by sanford that has his do some hits, and the last set of hits he does OTG’s with a fierce. It’s hard to explain. Air combo to the ground with a fierce that OTG’s into a reset. That’s prety much what he did. If I could develop that into my game. I will beat total toanage.

what your talking about is when he did.


Launch, sj, lk, mk, dashforward hk, Fp to otg while your comming down(practicing the timing really helps), land, c.lp, pause so the lp recovers, then jump forward lk, mp, mk, hk, land, c.hp(this doesn’t combo, what happen was that Rowtron mashed a lp with cable so he got hit, then sanford comboed the c.hp+drones, into sj, fp, ad d/f hp, hk into drones…AAAAAAAAAH!!!

you are definitely right, that is the combo. thanks. If only I could make people mash lp and cause them to messup into death