Storm Combos

K Im not trying to get flamed but I don’t see any storm ground/air combos. Can anyone post there best combos with storm solo and assist combos?

tri-jump in fp, dash in s. fp, superjump cancel, air dash forward, LA XX LS

(with IM AAA)
dash in c. lp, c. lp, s. hk, sj. hp, air dash down to forward, lk, lk, land, call IM, dash under, LA XX LS

Launch+IM, sj.FP, dash DB, land, launch, sj.FP, dash df, j.LK, j.LK, Lightning Attack xx Lightning Storm.

hk + sent y assist -> sj. hp -> AD df -> ad. hp -> sent assist hits -> relaunch -> magic series -> LA down -> LA up XX LS

Flashy but rollable:

c. wk -> c. mk -> pause -> s. hk -> LA forward -> LA up forward XX LS

storm combos 101

  1. s hk sj lk sj lp LA x2 xx LS

  2. corner s hk sj hk ad df hk s lk s lp s hp s hk and then I add j and grab then land and then call helper ad df and try to reset them or go for more then one grab OR just block and call assist since they try to come down and attack you.

  3. c. mk c. mk wait… s. hk LA xx LS

  4. typoon xx hail storm i use this on assist to hurt them and the point character.

infinite on sentinel

  1. j lk lk hp hk and u+lp u+lp hp hk

they have timing and easy to do pratice it because u can use it more then u think

thats all u need to really know to start out .

resets later…

I think c.LK+Iron Man-AAA, c.LP, s.FP xx Hailstorm.

!!! thank you guys I needed it. I"ll post some sent/storm combos If I don’t see any.

anyone know the strongest snapback combo with storm? thx

well i dont know about STRONGEST but, clk. lk (sweep) delay till they hit the ground, snapback works well, but im thinking its rollable. and is kinda hard to do at first if you dont know her sweep, otg w/ launch ld, la, combo.

try: (ground) 1234, insert assist, dash forward snap. pretty universal as far as assists go, ie. sent drones, rocket punch, tron. heres one with em disruptor,c. lk + mags,c. lp., c. lk, snap back.

k thx blitz =] my mas stick will arrive any time from tomorrow till friday, i can’t wait to begin the insane training ^^

storm on poitn with sentinel 2nd

launch sj lk sj lp la x2 xx ls wait .5 second HSF of sentinel and then do
s hk to AC
sj lk AC
continued RP s hp/c HP HSF chains
NOTE attack in conjundtion of helpers

HP grab while calling sentinel then launch -----TIAs

This combo makes no fucking sense. Proving AGAIN, you suck ass.


c’mon dude give him a chance B4 judgin him. Please. Read the shit again. It makes sense.

Kai1-For more combo’s watch The Seattle video and the Bible for some condensed good storm shit. or you could probably ask Cody some shit. He’s pretty cool. He’s probably let you in on somethin. I heard from da streets that Soo has a pretty good Storm+Shady. Damn, there’s alot of good people. Wong’s ok. He can block. If you wanna watch not Storm combo’s then get the Kuan vs. Wong matches. They’re tight.

Fine, you wanna tell me how Sentinel can snap people in out of an air combo?

It’s so friggin’ hard to do lightning attack xx lightning on a d-pad for me. It’s my b-day!

well look at te way he posted it …

just me but i read that as :

launch sj lk sj lp la x2 xx ls wait .5 second HSF of sentinel and then do
1.s hk to AC
2.snapback lk AC
4.continued RP s hp/c HP HSF chains

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:


I need some help adding Storm’s airdash to delay her ACs… when do you do it and how do you do it? And isn’t it better to just do the AC without airdashing because of the damage buffering?

Just be sure not to be holding up when you do mp because it will aim up and either miss or make it harder. Also, slow the first rep just a bit so that when you dash up/foward, it will be easier to connect.

The best way to do it is off of something that knocks the opponent higher, like Psylocke.

Anyway, here’s another reset:

tri-jump in hp, land, dash in c. lk + Cyke, c. lp, Cyke hits, (dash under), sj. LA XX LS

Or if you want to get really nasty:

tri-jump in hp, land, dash in c. lk + Cyke, c. lp, Cyke hits, (dash under), sj. lp, lk, lp, lk, air dash down to forward, LA up to forward XX LS