Storm connection problem

So something I noticed yesterday, because I don’t normally rush a lot with Storm…
When I do her tri jump lk, lk, hk, the two lk’s usually don’t combo together.
Likewise, when I do,, it sometimes drops the combo.

Is this normal on PS3? I never had this problem on xbox… and I don’t think I’m hitting the buttons too slowly… It looks like it should connect, but it’s not attributing the combo counter.

Is it not connecting cause you’re landing first before the hk? I don’t think lk, hk connects but lk, does, haven’t tried it but I think it does. I know I can do a jumping lk, mk and it’ll connect all day long. I think it’s best to just do lk, hk though IMO. As far as console wise, never really tried it other on Xbox360, PS2 and Dreamcast.

Nah, not that.

the > hk works, but it’s gotta be done really quick.
I’m still having a hard time with the air dash… I went to the PS2 version, same stick, got it every time…