-= Storm Cross Ups Vol. 1 =-

I know there are already threads on this stuff, but really storm is just getting more and more creative every day. So i thought i’d create this post based on more difficult cross ups.

jumping fp land c.lk, c.lk, tri jump down lk land c.hk+magneto assist superjump quick hit both lp+hp to dash straight across then land dash over on the opposite side before opponent lands and trijump directly down foward with lk lk, land dash in c.lk, c.lp and do whatever you want to end it.

Jumping fp land s.lp, s.lk, c.lk regular jump lp+tronn assist dash over, land and regular jump tri jump directly down with lk land c.lk c.hk superjump with the airdash and lk, lk lighting attack straight across and wait til the very end to do a downward lighting attack(causing a reset) xx lighting storm. :karate:

Storm: Jump in with fp, hk land c.lk, c.lp, s.hk sj.lk airdash down foward wait til opponent lands then tri jump directly down with lk, lk, hkgrab+Pyslocke assist…wait for opponent to roll then lighting attack in the opposite direction and if he blocks it(50-50 chance)wait til storm recovers in the air then do the lighting storm as a bait out. :badboy:

As a note a good cross up for storm to use on the next character falling is is calling out the magneto assist then dashing over and launching. The chances of you nailing it is 75% chance…

s.hk+magneto assist, sj.fp airdash downfoward with lk, lk land regular jump+sentinel assist(g) dash over oppoisite side land regular jump and airdash directly down with lk hk land…sentinel’s assist should hit, wait then hit him while opponent stuned with c.lk, c.lp s.hk sj.hk airdash foward lk, lk lighting attack xxx lighting storm.

Another good but trick cross up is when the opponent’s next characters are falling into the screen go to the very corner and before the opponent comes in… superjump and do a lighting attack vertically up and wait then bring it back down when the opponent falls through…BAM :badboy: then lighting attack.

-= Storm Cross Ups =-

Okay i havn’t been playing for a bit, but i thought up some more cross ups/resets that i would like to add. Getting your opponent in the corner is a great advantage for storm to do. If you ever nail a launch i say you always try to go for her 6 hit corner combo. It takes away half life and you don’t have to use meter. ITS ALWAYS WORTH IT.

Now for cross ups/resets.

Storm: Corner
Launch with standing hk+sentinel ground assist sj.hk airdash hk. (When the opponent gets up he will block low for the sentinel assist) From there i usually do c.lp, c.lk regular tri jump directly down with hk land do c.lp, c.hk call Captain Commando assist and quickly grab with foward and hk.

Storm: Launch then quickly tri jump down while opponent is in the air. regular jump with lp+pyslock assist dash over(cross up) and launch him with hk to do whatever you want.

Okay i have no idea why this reset works soo much, but it does. Its very simple like the rest of my resets/crossups.

Jump in with fp, land dashin standing lp, crouching lk, c.lp+pyslocke before opponent falls tap standing lp fast(that will make opponent land on feet), then do crouching lk, then regular trijump directly down with lk, lk, land do crouching c.lk, c.lp, c.hk jumperjump+airdash downfoward lk lk, lighting attack lighting storm.

I really like this reset, its very tricky and hard to react with, i hope alot of people take advantage of storms quicky lp jabs.

Thank you!

Was that sarcasim?

Thx SnapOut good shit :tup:

don’t you see why no one botheres to post? all your crossups can easily be escaped… in higher gameplay, people go for assured damage rather than crossups…

yeah…but do you see my complaining about people not posting? Thanks for trying to hate, but every cross up is escapable, its just something different which makes marvel the way it is - broken.

your just another dick with a lose nut.

thx snapout, however i would simply my posts more if were u, maybe abbreviate more?(la instead of lightning attack)and should try to classify your combos/resets in someway. so that people would have an easier time reading them.

on another note, 2 questions
1)any combos/resets with sent-g assist?
2)hav u watched djb-13’s marvel vid(chapter 2-storm)? there are a couple of resets on it that i want to learn.

I just got djb-13 chapter 36 and it was the shit. The cross ups were rediculous. The best way to use sent g assist w/ storm IMO is to call him a split second before throwing them so that the drones will hit right as Storm releases them, and then you can continue to pummel them.

anyway I have a question regarding this. How do you grab your opponent out of the Korngo inf and still be able to call sent? BTW I would also like to know a couple variations of the korngo (like reset/cross up oppurtunities).

My infinite abilities with storm are very limited (1 rep) if you guys could help me with that I would be grateful.

I’ve got answers for many of your questions and thanks for the tips. Unfortunatly i can’t answer these until i return, sorry i gotta run i’ll post back later.

Yeah just another hater on srk, if the man talks shit like those cross ups wont work. how come the shit talker wont post some cross up’s him self…

keep it up snap out :tup:

Mind you that grab combo only works in the corner if you were curious bud, you just hit sentinels ground assist and grab the opponent while in the corner and if he doesn’t tech hit out by the time the grab finishes he will wiffle on the droons assist, and all you gotta do is launch with c.hp^_^

Now if you mean the one on sentinel its just a matter of practice, u seem to know the infinite, u just need to get more reps to make it sucessful. Basically after you hit hk your gonna wanna let go of all direction cause if your holding foward i find that i float - its very random so to be on the safe side after hk always let go of direction and start all over again.

If you mean that corner infinite that storm does on cyclops or capcom, sorry i don’t know it.

didn’t mean to hate…sorry peeps…


cr.lk, crlp, cr.hk, /\ trijump really fast w/ low kick then do whatever you desire… its a good confusing high-low game… just make sure that you’re doin a fast tri jump( against mashers)

lauch w/ standing hk, sj. lp imediatelt air dash down lk (whiff) and then do whatever you desire like a croos-over or a trijump…)

i also do that reset you do where when psy hits you do a standing lp to make them land on their feet and whatever…

Here is a nice one to do ONLY on sentinel.

Wid storm do a jumping fp hk+sentinel droon assist, land dash in with standing lp, lk, lp, hk(launch) sj. and do lk, lk, then airdash down foward(crossup) and before u hit the ground hit fp, hk on sentinel and start infinite.

In/near corner, close to 100% with no meter:

tj.lk c.lk c.mp c.hk ^ sj.hk addf sj.hk v otg s.lk pause tj.lk (whiffs) drones+throw s.hk ^ (sj.hk addf sj.hk v otg s.lk s.mp s.hp s.hk) or sj.lk sj.mk LA xx LS DHC

I used to do otg s.lk s.mp tj.lk into throw, but I tried otg s.lk tj.lk and you can throw them basically instantly after they wake up, while with s.lk s.mp I could get hit by an assist or fast attack. Ways to escape:

  1. Tech hit
  2. Hold up/up-forward? - the whiffed tj.lk should encourage them to stay grounded
  3. Spam on a fast attack (I think if you time the throw properly, you won’t get hit, and the whiffed tj.lk should encourage them to block)

In/near corner, not on Sentinel, close to 100%:

tj.lk c.lk c.mp c.hk ^ sj.hk addf sj.hk v otg s.lk s.mp s.hp s.hk walk forward+(mash on) drones s.hp pause s.hk ^ sj.lk sj.mk LS LA (optional DHC)

Standard corner combo, but after the last s.hk, walk forward and mash on the drones assist. When you get behind them, do s.hp and it’ll hit them into the drones. You can combo the s.hk off the hit stun from drones.

In/near corner, not on Sentinel, ~95%:

tj.lk c.lk c.mp c.hk ^ sj.hk addf sj.hk v otg s.lk s.mp s.hp s.hk walk forward+(mash on) drones s.hp (when on other side) crouch s.hk ^ sj.hk addf sj.hk v otg s.lk s.mp s.hp s.hk

Same as before, but after the s.hp, crouch until they bounce over you. s.hk into another corner combo.

I’ve tested all of these, but feedback still appreciated.