Hello. I am considering putting Storm on my team and 2/3 of my team is already dedicated to the synergy between Captain America (as you can see) and Doom-B. There are some decent reasons for putting Storm on the team: the THC option with Cap’s invincible DP hyper is a commanding screen presence for a defensive maneuver, and of course also presents the possibility of comboing after Hyper Charging Star.

But I want to know if there is any strong synergy between Doom-B Hidden Missiles and Storm. I would think there is a combo that benefits from the OTG effect of them, or possibly just her keepaway game is aided by them. Also, Ice Storm with Finger Lasers THC also sounds quite good.

Anyone know something I don’t? Hate to say I haven’t had the time to play. (nor the resources. My pad broke, and well, now that’s something my pad and I have in common, so a replacement won’t be around very soon.)


I’ll have videos on my page of some of the things they can do together later but you have the right idea for the two. I run Spidey Storm Doom and have a few old match videos up of them but I’ve been practicing them as of late so hopefully when I’m playing again you’ll see better stuff.


I play keepaway Doom, so I’m thinking that having her occasionally come out and hit the AA Cyclone assist would be better for Doom than whatever Doom can do for Storm, and Storm occurs to me as the better X-factor anchor, considering her ridiculous mobility, but also meh damage.


I rarely have to use lvl 3 Storm since I prefer Doom as an anchor because of ease of use but even then I never really activate until my combos are done so I can pop double hailstorm. Mostly because the speed boost on her is too great sometimes and I tend to drop the combos. Storm does get better with missiles but it’s still all in how you call the missiles.


While Doom as an assist shoots up missiles, use Storm’s whirlwind and before the last missile hits the blocking opponent, use typhoon.