Storm: expansion assist./



Well i wanted to start a team thread but don’t know where to post it so I decided to start a thread on storm’s expansion assist.

The team me and my buddy use storm expansion assist on, is Magneto (projectile), Storm (expansion), Cable (Anti-air).

After playing some peeps at our school, i find her expansion assist to be more useful.

  1. I use it break up traps and mostly using storm as bait for my cable .

  2. With Magneto, I use it clear up passage way , kind of like how Doom uses Ken to clear passage ways for him. Also she comes out fast doing her lighting attack.

  3. Gun trap with cable. I repeat, this is not an illusion. You can actually gun trap people with storm’s expansion assist. Against most characters use her assist, not to push them away but to actually force them to jump or sometimes make them block while there landing down and your on the ground. Jumping fierce with Cable afterward.


Eh…not sure what to say except for the fact that I don’t think Storm’s expansion is to hot. Does it have any invincibility? I haven’t noticed any. And compared to her Projectile assist or variety i just can’t see it being all that tight except for the fact you can do counter into lighting storm. Besides that I wouldn’t go with expansion myself…but what do i know?


Look in reality, all her assist suck ass. Just that this one is the most useful.


Well… in all i still like the Projectile cuz as long as it comes out–U kinda safe since it barracades through everything let alone…
Its a nice projectile to have backing cable up–
The the lightning attack one is ok but the fact is that she stay s out there to long on the screen=She can get damaged bad!.


I mostly use her expansion assist with Sentinel. It’s good to catch people off guard when you’re flying at the top of the screen. And it pops the opponent up if connected, so you can follow up with a lot of things.


why does this thread even xist…


X: its the same answer as why capcom thread has 11+ pages.


strongly seconds that