Storm for strider/doom... why not?

I was just kind of wandering why I never see Storm on any Strider-Doom teams. I just don’t see why I never see someone build meter w/ Storm then DHC into ourobouros and trap. What would be the potential flaw(s) w/ this team?

Sentinel does the same thing and drones are a much better assist.

What do know, outside of supers, that can completely stop drones when Strider calls them? Nothing really. It’s like a wall. It protects Strider and gives him room to breathe, especially when he’s teleporting. Try playing Stider/Doom with an AAA, which is also kinda good, but notice how much HARDER the match is when Strider has to hold shit down without the trap for a while. Unless you’re godly with him, your opponent sucks, or a combination of a little of both, Strider dies. Drones solve a shitload of problems that Strider has to worry about while he’s on point, on top of having Sentinel on your team. Sent/Doom may not be the best duo out there, but it’s definately not something to fuck with. Even if you’re blocking the whole time, chip from rocks and chip from unfly stomp patterns seriously fuck you up bad and if you get hit, have a nice life.

Storm is good on point, but what really can she do after that aside from having a good DHC? Only her projectile assist is useable and it doesn’t do half as much as Drones do, in terms of utility. Having a battery is good, but Strider/Doom as the work so hard you need someone like Sentinel in there to dish out some serious damage while building bar too. One unfly combo from Sent deals nearly the same damage as the standard Storm air combo into Lightning Storm, and instead of losing a bar you gain one. Hard Drive DHC Orbs. Its just better.

If Strider/Doom could just have a random 4th assist and have it be like Capcom AAA or something that shit would be godly.

I like Storm/Strider/Doom…I think its as good as sent/strider/doom, if not better becuase like clock pointed out to me one time fighting cable with sent/doom is a bitch. And as I’ve learned and seen, fighting Sent/AAA (a true AAA) or magneto with Sent/Doom is a bitch too. The thing is that if u do get the upperhand in the fight then sentinel/doom can be effective especially since sentinel does so much damage. And sentinels vitality makes it less likely that he’ll die from a mistake, as compared to storm.

Anybody else have some good comments to make? I get that Sentinel’s drones assist works well for Strider, but they work well for everyone. I think Audio Project makes a good point about the weaknesses of Sent/doom. I wish that someone like Clokw0rk or some other pro player could give some info. Not that I’m putting down you guys! But I’ve wondering for a little while now why clock doesn’t use that team. I’ve seen him use Storm before in a couple of my vids, but never with Strider/Doom. I’m sorry but I still don’t see how a team can be weakened if you add the best character in the game to it.

Storm/Strider/Doom is good too. But my Sentinel is better than my Storm, and my Sentinel/Strider/Doom is better than my Storm/Strider/Doom, so that’s what I use. Also, drones help out Strider/Doom way more than typhoon, and Sentinel DHC is way better for both Doom and Strider. BUT if you get used to the positioning and timing, Storm aircombo xx super xx Ouro can take more than Storm xx Sentinel DHC.

Storm/Strider/Doom is definitely tournament worthy, though I think it might be more effective to play a defensive Storm on that team overall.

Maybe post more later!


I use a lot of characters with Strider/Doom. While my Storm isn’t very good, there’s a lot of things that work well with this team. If you really feel you have problems with Cable. You now have two anti cable characters. Storm can also do some serious chipping and assist punishing with Doom’s assist. However, one serious weakness I see in this team is that you’ll be blocking for a long time if Sentinel begins stomping you on the ground.

Thanks for the posts guys. I’d like to get better with Storm and maybe try the team out. But if i was gonna play anyone seriously, I’d probably still go w/ sentinel. I’ll tell you guys the results later, and keep posting opinions, tips, strategies or whatever else.


Well don’t everyone post at once. (sarcasm intended). Well I’m working w/ Storm and I still suck w/ her. I know this isn’t the Storm thread so I’m not going ask for a tip w/ her or anything. After all, the last thing I would want to do is ask someting like HOW DO YOU GET TWO LIGHTNING ATTACKS AT THE END OF AN AC!:mad:
It’s hard on the X-Box S-controller:(

Your still using an xbox s controller?(LOL):stuck_out_tongue: I’d buy a pelican arcade stick if I were you it works much better.

Cable, eh? No way man! I tried that team out and sure you’d think it would be tight, but S/D takes so much meter that there’s nothing left for Cable. (And yeah it is real cheap too) where can you buy a pelican arcade stick, and are there any compatiblity problems w/ them?

I bought mine at gamestop. It’s real nice + it works with ps2 and ps1 and xbox and gamecube. Kinda of expensive though. I haven’t had any compatibility problems but they said if it messes up your system they give you a new one. Lifetime warranty. It was $50.

no pp/kk buttons though:(
it’ll be a hard adjustment. but isn’t lightning attack easier on that thing?

Yes lightning attack is easier. What do you mean by no pp/kk buttons. It’s an 8 button.

Never mind then, that might be pretty tight. i’ll look into it once I actually get a little cash flow goin’. when i bought the evo dvds I pretty much went broke.:lol:

pelican sticks blow pelican balls. the stick is practically glued in plastic.:lame:

what about the x arcade stick this site sells. is it any good?
I don’t want to spend 100 bucks on something if it sux.
(My how we have lost the direction of this thread)

I feel so ignored:(

But seriously, if you’re reading this thread you should just go straight to my "third caracter for s/d " thread. It’s a lot better than this one.

Not on subject but

ok i got some info on the X Arcade Stick
first of all its hella good for playing MVC2 and basicaly any other Fighting game on top of that it has a life time garantee but a word of advice if u do decide to get 1, DO NOT GET THE 2 PLAYER Controller
The Control Sticks are WAY to damn clost to eachother and the buttons and stick are parralel to each other so ur goin to be sitting sholder to sholder with whom ever u play with but all in all its a really good Controller

Not on subject but

Thanks, on monday when I get paid, I will finally get one! It sux how you have to buy the adapters though:( . But they do give you a free one. Meaning now that I’ve played MvC2 for a year I can finally go to some tournaments! (Needed that dreamcast adapter)

For all of you who are just on the edge of your seats in this whole controller issue, it arrived at my house yesterday:) . 1 minor problem though now; I have to learn to play again:(