Storm FS combo help

so ive seen a ton of matches where the storm player would do a FS combo and hit HP otg…

now, how the fuck do you do this? lol

Is this in corner or midscreen?

If its corner, the easiest way is just to slow down the magic series so storm is slightly below them and the (ender) kicks them in the legs. Opponent pops up slightly, then falls while you’re decending, otg with fp before you land.

No fancy-combo here: (corner) Launch, sj.[slowly] lp, lk, lp, lk, fk, pause, fp (otg)

no, I think it’s the one that may have been seen in a yipes video.

like, (psy hits), sj addf.lp, land, cr.HP, sj.HP, addf.HP, sj.HK (otg?), st.hp (during FS)

lol, actually maybe you are talking about the right one phil, though I didn’t think so because that one seemed common, but iunno

Beats, thanks, that’s the one I was referring to.

ah, ok. yeah. there are dif. variations I’ve seen like in jwong vids and shit.

that combo is worth so much with storm if you nail the launcher deep enough to do it.

My Favorite thing to is launch, hp, ad df, hp, hk(otg), c.lp(this cause the FS to swing you and them forward, normal jump as the screen shifts, and do a Tri jump lk, mk, hk(float involved)

or instead of float tri jump, when you normal jump as screen shifts, tri jump whiff, + psy, etc.

in the corner you can do launch lk ad/f hk, hp (otg) into whatever