Storm glitch/Bonerine Glitch

I found this new (to me) glitch with storm psylocke and on the other team was bonerine.

okay it went like this: I had storm on point i was on the other side of the screen from bonerine, and I dashed forward called psylocke, bonerine did that super where he charges forward and attacks in an entourage with a flurry of moves, but he caught psylocke, so he continued to do the super even though on an assist, then I immediately did hailstorm when I saw he was going on psylocke. And 0 of the hailstorm hit bonerine while he was hitting psylocke. Then I came down and tried to lauch him, but we exchanged hits. Get it?

It was pretty cool to see though, guess you had to be there. :encore:

I don’t think that’s a glitch-- if wolverine connects with that super he’s invincible until the end of the super. That’s why the hail missed.

Bonerines weapon X will continue if he hits an assist - wolverines wont IIRC.