Storm/IM/Sent[y] or Mags/IM/Sent

W/c is the better IM team, iyo?

Storm/IM/Sent [y] or Mags/IM/Sent [a] or [y] (w/c ever you consider better).

storm/im/sent thats my real squad the rape squad =)

mags/im/sent imo…

whats the point of replying without giving reasons!

its really subjective to if you have a better magneto or a better storm. Magneto goes better with IM and storm goes better with sent than magneto does. then sent likes mag. proj. assist better. Then Storm is considered a better character than magneto. It all basically cancels each other out since either way, each team has a DHC of doom with either IM>sent or Storm>Sent. Also both teams have different play styles, so it all comes down to trying both out and see what you like more.

sorry about that, not giving any reason at all, because i thought he (cisco) just wanted people to vote on the poll.

anyways, i changed my opinion on which team is better. actually, i think that both teams are pretty much equal. i think, it all comes down to match-ups. mag/im/sent will probably have difficulty on teams with sent/cc like scrub or thrax, teams that are difficult to rushdown whilst storm/im/sent will have difficulties on teams that rushesdown like msp.

i’d prefer storm/im/sent arrange in this way > storm/sent/im and sent assist-a because i can use it for rushdown with storm and im-to-infinite with nice starting dmg.

i think sent/im/mag is one of the nastiest starting off sentinels in the game

any c.fp you land when opponent is near death = dhc to pc
you get nasty fast fly with magneto into proton cannon

that is all i know to say