Storm & Magneto rapid jump?

I don’t know whats it actually called but I’ve seen players do it with Storm and Magneto. Basicly they sj. and do hp but they stay on the ground and do it really fast and build meter how do you do it.

Can someone explain it as a command (thats easier for me to understand) like sj. move, move, move, etc.


you have to be kidding me.

put 2 and 2 together, quit being so lazy.

If you see them SJ, then they SJ during it don’t they? And if you see a HP come out then a HP comes out right? and they do it low to the ground? Hmmmm lets see, how could they stay low to the ground after a SJ? and Air dash canceled by a HP? WOW! IMAGINE THAT!

thinking get you far not only in fighters, but in life.

Good luck with that.

lol parryperson. Yeah, he’s got a point. On the other hand, basically its [Superjump, fierce right away, air dash down, fierce, land] repeat. It’s a great way to build meter fast.

sj xx ad/d fp was what I initially thought but it wasn’t working hence I asked. No need to go on a diatribe about a question that annoys you… just don’t answer.

  • I don’t know why people take these forums so seriously *

Theres less fighting on MLG H2 threads

There’s an explination for that. Some of the guys here at SRK are geneticall altered by Capcom. Some of them, dispite being men, have gigantic vaginas that never stop bleeding! It’s part of capcoms scheme to keep people out of this fanbase so that they no longer have to make anymore fighting games!

But quite honestly, you do sort of ask an obvious question. But your reason for asking it is understandable IMO.

Sounds like you’re just not inputting the commands fast enough. Work on your timing. It takes practice.

with storm i do sj hp air dash down or downback hp land repeat

with mags i do super jump hp air dash/down land

i think its just preference

but dont do it blindly, u can get AHVBed or storm could time a Lightning attack at u

dood don’t post shit like this. you’re just going to make people worse. there is no set way to do it and there shouldnt be any “preference”. theres no point in mentioning which direction you do it because its situation dependent. obviously if somebody is jumping towards you, you’re gonna want to air dash d/b or even U/b. with magneto, thats just stupid to airdash and not do a move after. thats when you REALLY will get AHVB because of that damn delay floating shit that happens before you land. you gotta do a move to land faster.

Yeah, there’s a certain guy who plays at my local arcade who happens to make the mistake of not doing an attack right before he lands. He gets really pissed whenever he gets punished for it. Funny shit.

Srk, We Know Funny

Like everyone said you sj. then airdash anyway wit an attack, its called a whiff move. Whiffing basically means you make an attack miss, its good for mixups and mindgames.


this internet business…well its serious stuff

theyre new, these forums are to help out; quit bein bitches. down up (sj.) then press two punches twice while holding down (real fast). Practive slowly like this sj up fierce punch dash down fierce punch. Work on that timing, then practice faster.

Everyone starts somewhere; doesn’t help when bitches complain about questions. After all, that is how YOU all got started.

No, I just watched videos.


I asked questions and played against top players. =X That’s like, the best way.

Everyone learns thier own way so it really doesn’t matter. Asking questions in the eyes of many is the best way to learn.

It’s sad that with something so useful(forums) that it’s still difficult for alot of people to get into Marvel, and it’s even worse when the people on the forums turn people off from the game.

There should be a rule were if you diss someone or respone in an offensive manner that you get banned for like a day, and get pointed. After a set amout of points you lose your privelege to post. W/e i just think this forums could be alot more useful. Good work to those that just read it all day, and practice rather than bothering to ask a question. The question could be answered, and will help them, but we all know how things go here.

^ you’re godd**m right. i vote for you to be a mod. :tup:

well, if you diss too much, you DO get infractions… i got one.