Storm psylocke cable

a 3s player trying to get into this game. i use…

storm- expansion
psylocke-anti air
cable- anti- air

is this a good team to use or should i try other characters? all help is greatly appreciated.

Ya you can do damage with that team. Just log mad matches against good players. I’d adjust the order to Storm/Cable/Psy. Watch a lot of MSP matches to get a handle on how to use Psy as an assist, then apply what you learn to Cable. Random Psy hit to AHVB with Cable is going to win you a lot of matches. Any team can be a good team, play what’s fun and learn top strategy from match vids.

he’s right, i used to play mag/cab/psy. actually, sometimes starting cable first is a good thing, cuz cable doesn’t help mag at all as an assist if you have psy, and mag helps a lot, as does psy when helping cable. just make sure psy is last.

what does playing 3S have to do with you playing marvel?

and yes, that’s a good team.I started with that team. YOU MIGHT, wanna change psylocke eventually for cyclops or commando.

A team of Mag/Cable/Cykes would be much more well rounded. Since Cykes helps both Mag and Cable very well, and Mag can build meter for Cable to burn on AHVB’s.


He said he’s a 3S playing trying to play marvel, meaning he has no idea how to play it.

So? whether you’ve played third strike, tetris, or nothing at all, you still need to pick the game up from scratch. It was completely pointless to say that he plays third strike. Now, if he said, “I play third strike, and I like Chun’s play style, recommend a team for me,” that would be a different story, since we could say, “oh, team scrub blah blah random strats, blah,” and call it a day, but we obviously can’t do that, CAN WE mister corner trap?

and if you noticed, he didn’t say MAGNETO, did he? He was asking if this is a decent team, and minor adjustments are one thing. You changed 66% of his team members. You fail at SRK, TWICE.

has nothing to do with marvel. Just said it since its the only fighting game i play and i want to get into marvel. why change psy? doesn’t she have the best assist in the game?

i dont like mag. i know he’s good, but i have more fun playing with storm than him.

no, cyclops is the best assist in the game as an overall. there’s a lot of them that work well… as an overall, cyclops is probably the best.

commando, only because storm can do more with them. reason i say swap out psy is because she’s not really that good for either of them. Eventually, you’ll want to make your team storm / sentinel / cable, but that’s in due time.

Oops, I thought he said Mag/psylock/Cable in his original post, apparently I missread it. Well Storm/Cable/Cykes is still good.

yeah cable/cyke is better than cable/psy… i’d switch it to storm/cable/cykes or storm/cable/capcom so you won’t lose so bad to someone holding back until the time runs out

storm/psy is good though.

alright. thanks for the info everyone. storm cable and cykes will be my team. what assist should i use for this team

storm - proj
cable - anti air
cykes - anti air

Cable/Psy loses to holding back? Against who?

anyone who has the lead pretty much

honestly, i think cyke’s assist is much harder to combo off with storm, and is not a very easy setup for avhb. psy gives you a lot more time to avhb if you hesitate, and with storm all you do is launch, whereas with cyke, you may have to sj ad/uf to connect with magic series laxxls. if people don’t roll, you can always lk hk with storm to OTG as well. i have to admit, cyke is a better character to be fighting with, and he has awesome chip.

Yeah it’s easier to combo off of psy with storm, but cyclops just offers more options. But as for psy being easier to set up AHVB all I have to say is, Hell No! Psy keeps an opponent in the air for only like a split second, while cykes keeps juggled for a while giving you much more time to prepare an AHVB.

True but the longer you wait the higher they go which then stops you from doing multiple AHVB’s, so IMO they both offer about the same amount of time.

with the psylock assist, they can’t do anything while they’re falling. one of the best things that you can do to a flying sent is just random psy call, hope that the very tip of her assist will hit, then ahvb while they’re falling down. i think psy gives you a little more leeway that way, and a little more time to react if you see then being hit.

that’s true with cyke, though, the longer you wait, the higher they go, so you have to be a little more quick to the draw. they’re both good with cable. i just think psy’s easier to work with.

Psy keeps the opponent in the air for a shorter time then cykes, so you have less time to pull of a AHVB, and if you hesitate your opponent will already be on the ground.

And if you think psy is so much easier to work with cable then why don’t you think there are any cable/psy pairings in any top tier teams? It’s always been cable/cykes.

I never said one was easier than the other. And also I’ve seen some people play mag/cable/psy and I believe that can be considered a toptier team.

Personal preferance is besides the point, the question is can cable work with Psy and in my opinion the answer is yes.