storm reset

can anybody give me resets of storm that doen’t need crouch cancel. crouch cancel is really really hard… and if you could also, please teach me how to do cc’s… tnx…

there is no such thing as crouch cancel in MvC2 afaik.

and cc’s… custom combos??? i think you’re thinking about alpha 3… custom combos and crouch cancel… unless you mean cc = crotch cancel… now i’m all confuzzled…:eek:

sorry man…i was thinking about IM… i’m talking about that reset where you do:,lk,,, etc…

Here’s a couple off the top of my head:, c.lp,, sj ad/d (whiff). dash to other side, c.lp, launch your favorite combo.

launch, magic series, ad/df,, LA x2 XX lightening storm.

launch + sent drones, sj.fp, ad/df, sj.fp, (they hit sent drones) then be creative.


launch, sjhk, ad/df,,, s.lp, jump up, ad/d lk, repeat combo.

I’m tired right now so I’ll think of more later.

clk, clk, shk,, dash + call sent proj, cross up to other side, tj. over hp, dash, launcher

:slight_smile: fun

its really hard to sj after the standing hk… i can’t do it… can you give me tips on how to?

hold up. as soon as u sj. immidiately d/f + pp

ahh… okay… thanks for that man… i’ll try that one later… can you give me more resets? assists or w/o assists…

clk + call drones, clk, pause, shk into drones, dash, launcher

launcher, sj, lk, lk, LA d/f, (reset), LA u/f, xx LS

launcher, sj, lk, lk, LA u/f (reset), LA down, xx LS

launcher, sj, lk, lk, addf, lk, LA x 2 xx LS

corner: launcher, sj, hk, addf, hk, land, clk, c.lp, j. lp, lp, hp, hk, call drones, j.hp throw (should hit into drones), LA xx LS (javier did this to me… i can’t do it for shit…

corner: launcher, sj, hk, addf, hk, land, lk, lp, hp, hk - from there, you can either LA under or tri jump. either way, don’t be predictable. it’s a good reset, but after one time, it’s easily telegraphed

errr… some other shit with rp… for MSS

clk, clk, shk+ call rp,, rp hits, dash under, tri jump back over, lk, lk, land, launcher


wow… thanks man… nice resets… i’ll try them out… to other players who have secrets of their own, pls post them…