Storm Resets



First off, a good discussion could be the usefulness of them. For instance, if you have storm/sent/somebody, and you get their point character (lets say a magneto or a doom) in an aircombo with storm…is it worth trying to reset it? or should you just go ahead and do the damn combo.

I know storm has to have a couple good effective resets.

simple one, launch, magic series, ad/df, lightning strike x 2, lightning storm…does better damage than the regular one…will kill a whole character when DHC’ed into sent.

post yallz


(w/ Cyke AAA)
tri-jump in hp, land, dash in c. lk + Cyke, c. lp, Cyke hits, (dash under), sj. LA XX LS

(w/ Cyke AAA)
tri-jump in hp, land, dash in c. lk + Cyke, c. lp, Cyke hits, (dash under), sj. lp, lk, lp, lk, air dash down to forward, LA up to forward XX LS

(with IM AAA)
dash in c. lp, c. lp, s. hk, sj. hp, air dash down to forward, lk, lk, land, call IM, dash under, LA XX LS


If you want to see some very incredibly flashy and useful resets, you should check out Dj-B13’s Storm Resets video. It was posted up a while back in the Fighting Game Discussion but I’m not sure if it’s still there. There is even a double Hail Storm reset!:eek:

I only do two useful resets that are pretty damaging and they get the job done for me but I’ll post some that could be of help.

  1. Launch,, ad~f,,, pause (long enough until you on the other side of the opponent) make sure you are holding up for her floatation,, sj.Lightning Attack x2 xx Lightning Storm.

  2. Launch+Mag [A] assist, sj. then immed. ad~df, land on other side of opponent, (assist hits), Launch again, combo of your choice.

  3.,, pause, (launcher), immediately tri-jump, call Sent. [Y] assist and dash to other side of opponent, s.fp (into drones), Launch, combo of choice.:smiley:

Then there is always the one that everyone knows about which is the launch, magic series, ad. to other side, Lightning Attack into Lightning Storm. If you are having trouble pulling of the Lightning Storm super after the cross-up on this combo, you must remember that you must input the HCF as if you were still on that particular side of the opponent and not on the side you crossed them up, thus making it an HCB+PP instead.

Hope that helps. :smiley:


That decision depends on alot of things imo.