Storm rests w/o any assists



pls post some rests w/ storm w/o any assist… i only have one reset and its an air crossover… i need new ones becuase people here are starting to learn how to block my resets… so please help me ayone…:slight_smile:


launch, sj, magic, addf reset, hold up, lk, lk, LA2xxLS
launch, sj, magic, addf, hk throw, LA d/f (crosses under), xx LS
corner- launch, sj, hk, addf, hp, hk, land, LA (cross up - blocking backwards here), xx LS
launch, sj, lk, hp, LA xx LS (after fly screen, she dashes in, and quickly do the LA xx LS, and it crosses up)

that’s all i can think of right now…


launch, sj Hk, d/f AD, Lk, mk, float behind, jab, mp, 2 LA XX Lightning storm. Jab hits close to her body - hard to pick.


thanks lol… how bout resets w/ sent-y?


check my storm cross-us thread


#6 sj. a/d d/f lk dash under c.lp sj a/d u/f lk lk la la xxx ls sj. a/d d/f lk a/d d/f float under lk land sj.hp a/d d/f lk lp la x 2 xxx ls sj. a/d d/f lk dashunder sj a/d b/d hk c.lp sj. a/d u/f lk lp la x2 xxx ls

these are the main3 cross ups I use there are better but they are painful if landed!