Storm runaway not the best

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Runaway storm barely works anymore? Assuming she can get a lead to begin with i don’t see anyway to stop her other than flying sent. the only time i see it not working is when i see people stop running away and press buttons to get themselves killed.

I guess you could contend that she has to come down every 10 seconds or so, but it seems even at best i wouldn’t give her a disadvantage. It also seemed that certain teams were played to prevent storm from running away (capcom assist, etc). Not to say capcom doesn’t do well vs other people, but why else do you need a full screen column?

Appreciate any feedback

I don’t think the full screen column is the main reason people pick Capcom assist. There are other assists which goes all the way to the top of the screen as well. CapCom is picked (IMO) mainly because he has a good combination of damage, speed, priority and area of coverage. It’s nice that it’s full screen, but I think he’d still be picked just as much if it will only goes 2/3 of the screen up.

In any case, if you want something to fight storm runaway, Blackheart AAA is a lot better. It’s damn near impossible for storm to runaway from sent/BH for any extended time.

Runaway Storm seems all dope and all, but I see it getting fucked up over and over again. Running away just gives the opponent more time to plan something super crazy that will fuck you up. Better to stay aggressive or at least jump in place (horizontal run).

Where does the running away get fucked up, point me to something so i can see what you mean. I just see storm getting tired of running away, then inevitably attacking and getting hit for free.

cuz dhalsims is better yo:lol:

super jump up, air dash up, teleport, air dash up, teleport, air dash up, all he needs to do is build up a lead and he never has to come back down again


yea my problem with runaway storm is that i get impatient and scared that somehow i will get magically punished so i stop runnin, land, try and attack, and WOW i get punished.

i saw at a tournament this one guy had gotten a decent sized lead with storm, and it was down to him versus Cable, so instead of taking a risk and fighting Cable, he just ran the timer down for the rest of the match. It took crazy patience cause there was a good 17 game seconds left on the timer and some dude in the background was commenting on how cheap it was.

17 game seconds? Is that all?

what match was that?

Check for David L vs Combofiend Match 2. Peter counters runaway by just staying calm and waiting for opportunities. He still loses because he tries to low fierce an AHVB with IM, but he coems very close.

vs runaway usually it’s the one that has more patience wins…unless storm has a significant lead…otherwise whoever has more patience will force the other to attack and make mistakes

BH AAA > Storm runaway…

Nestor’s storm in Evo2k2. “HEY WERE ON A TIME LIMIT” priceless :lol:

I agree though its the same for me my storm is considered lame cause its runaway nothing flashy, but gets the job done.

I just realized I bumped a very old post sigh :frowning:

Storm running away sets up ground cross-ups/airthrows over and over again.

You can’t just sj in marvel and not expect to get crossed-up.

mag/psy is really nasty since you get initial cross-up as the character is coming down, and then as they land, if they call aaa and you dodge it…snapback set-ups all day

runaway is still GREAT. Look at all the recent teams, MSS, MSP, Rowtron, etc…

You can run from those teams…they don’t have a good enough anti-air to get you down. Against sentinel you have to be more careful but I mean, he has to be more careful too. I think where people go wrong with storm’s runaway is when they try and milk to much clock in one repitiiton. It is better not to even use your lightning attacks and save those for random’s. If you can block, then runaway is still top tier…the end

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magneto crosses you up as you come down from sj = u die

don’t “run”, reposition so you can keep an eye on magneto and keep the fool in check

anytime you force yourself into a guessing game you’re essentially killing yourself… working harder to defend than you need to.


you call commando and that COMBOS into the mashable throw?
If commando hits how can you combo into a grab when he sends storm flying away?
Answer - you can’t .
pls stfu :mad:


you call commando and that COMBOS into the mashable throw?
If commando hits how can you combo into a grab when he sends storm flying away?
Answer - you can’t .
pls stfu

Dude are you kidding me? Thats not even a hard combo.
mabey you didnt know that spiral teleports, well thats cool man. Now you know. Her teleport is instant , she can teleport out of an AHVB so thats about as fast as it gets. And yea thats right, Its really not that hard of a concept. Call Capt. Commando, make a guess at where storm will appear as she is being hit and teleport or vice versa depending on if storm is flying, standing, or what. sometimes its takes luck but most times it will connect if you practice fighting out of teleports. She doesnt even need to throw out of the teleport she can combo storm other ways too.
so tell me whats so impossible about that.

he is talking about how it is impossible to combo throws…which it is impossible, any throw can be teched. and spiral doesn’t own storm runaway…and who would run from spiral anyways.

i still firmly believe storm’s runaway is still a top tier strategy against like certain teams, especially since cable/sent-a is becoming more popular…of course your not going to run much when they have capcom or something, but i mean, if they are playing a team like team row, fuck it, shoot for the heavens.

[by running, i mean sj, wait n look for cable, fp ad/u lk, vertical typhoon, come down blocking]

ok fuckwit, how do you mash an airthrow?
when did I say it was impossible to combo her in other ways?

excuse me for getting ahead of myself with the words. i used the word combo to liberally. since 50 is right it doesnt combo. but yo augmint what the hell are you talking about. Spiral has a throw that can be mashed on ground or air and out of a teleport so whats the big F***ing deal bitch?

Commando AA hits and depending on where and how you teleport, like if you telelport at the same time as you call commado or a moment before there are many ways to catch storm. I have never played against a storm that was able to telegraph a teleport from spiral and commandos AAA at the same time. Even good storms can be caught in a matter of seconds.
Anyway to get this dead topic back on track, Dhalsim is better at runaway since his airdash which kicks ass anyway is reset everytime he teleports. why am i typing this… this topic sucks…

you are seriously a dumb fuck.
Once again, how do you mash her airthrow?
It’s not mashable - only her ground throw is.